Excel Help: How To Print Titles At The Top Of Each Page, By Mr. Excel

Excel Help: How To Print Titles At The Top Of Each Page, By Mr. Excel
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Strategy: Printing options are controlled on the fourth tab of the Page Setup dialog box. In this case, you want rows 1 through 5 to print at the top of each page.

  1. Select Page Setup from the File menu. The dialog box offers four tabs. Select the fourth tab, called Sheet.

  2. Enter 1:5 in the box called Rows to Repeat at Top, in order to have rows 1 through 5 repeated at the top of each printed page. Select Print Preview to ensure that the results are what you desire.

Alternate Solution: Rather than typing 1:5 in the text box, you could

click the reference icon on the right side of the box. This will shrink the Page Setup dialog box to just the Rows to Repeat at Top dialog. You can now use the mouse to select rows 1 through 5. Choose the icon at the right side of the text box to return to the Page Setup dialog box.

Alternate Solution: If the rows you desire to repeat at the top are visible behind the dialog box, as shown in Fig. 34, use the mouse to highlight them while the cursor is in the Rows to repeat at top textbox.

Summary: Use the Page Setup command on the File menu to have titles and headings appear at the top of every page.

Cross Reference: Another way to have text appear at the top or bottom of every page is to use the Header/Footer command on the Page Setup dialog. See How to Print Page Numbers at the Bottom of Each Page on Page 19.

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Additional Tip

Believe it or not, Excel uses your print driver to draw the screen. Having an HP LaserJet as your default printer can allow Excel operations to finish in one-fourth of the time it takes if you have a cheap inkjet driver as the default. We’ve tested this. If response time is critical, download and install the print drivers for an HP LaserJet. Set it as the default printer during calculations.

If you don’t actually have a LaserJet hooked to your printer, you will have to refrain from using the printer icon. You will always have to print with File – Print and choose a non-default printer.