Microsoft Outlook:: The Best Email Program for Windows XP

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Windows XP has gained immense popularity amongst end users and almost every smart office executive feels it to be the next big thing for their office applications. Even though Windows Vista came through and quickly took a benchmark as a popular OS, XP has remained almost numerically superior and and principal to users. So, the best email program for the XP is profoundly important.

To understand the subject a little better, an email program refers to an interface through which you can access your electronic mail. This interface assists in the act of sending and receiving your mails. Example of such programs include; Microsoft Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook Web Access, Outlook for older versions of Windows operating systems, Poco mail, Yahoo mail, Google mail (Gmail), Lycos mail, Windows Live mail, Eudora, Opera, AK-Mail and many other similar programs. You can comfortably manage your emails as you want with the help of these applications.

The interface context and emails

Microsoft Outlook Express, Outlook and Outlook Web Access come integrated with Windows XP and other older versions. The most commonly used programs by tech-savvy consumers who use Windows XP operating system are Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express. The reason is it is fairly easy to configure and use them. Generally most offices use these programs for their emails. They are very comprehensive, intelligent and user friendly email programs.

The best email program for the Windows XP operating system is the Microsoft Outlook.

Why Outlook is the best

In general, one can easily use Microsoft Outlook programs quite efficiently and reduce the hassle of keeping inconsistent email preferences.

● You may choose to use Microsoft Outlook to be in sync with all your private, personal and business mail accounts. You may also opt to use Microsoft Outlook for your personal email account alone or along with your corporate or business needs. To be precise, it is highly customizable to your needs, preferences and requirements.

● For instance, If you configure your PC to use Microsoft Outlook for private email it stays there until you opt to delete it. Normally you like to have a single e-mail program to manage them, so a wise option would be Microsoft Outlook program. Hence the best way is to use both your private and business mails with the same program. Microsoft Outlook has relatively less complexity when compared to similar programs. In addition it is surprisingly easy to launch and use.

● Over all what makes it stand apart is its usability, rich look and features which are one of a kind.

● You now have little bother about connecting to people, storing your personal information and scheduling your tasks. All of these in a single interface that is simply great and awesome.


With its latest version, you can even organize your information. It turns out to be an effective task manager and scheduler, so that you can prioritize your activities.

You can use it even as an organizer.

● When it comes to its interface, it is equipped with text formatting, easy navigation and many added functionalities that can be used even by a naïve user.

● Can be easily integrated with other Microsoft products like Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 with better security and advanced messaging approaches.

● As a valuable addition, a Wiki tool is also provided which helps to share your information or content on a common interface.

● You can protect your mail account from junk mails and malware prevalent among many websites. So it keeps your PC safer.

● Text and picture messaging is another feature which enables you to send them to mobiles just with a click.

● Good news is that there are many other features relevant and useful in the future versions. So you can expect a lot more ahead to come.


  • You can store as many contacts as you want in an organized way, so no more worries of forgetting or loosing your contact information.
  • You can efficiently manage and schedule tasks which really makes a difference to your daily or weekly planning.
  • With To-do lists you can arrange your activities in the order of your priority and access the tasks on any of the MS Office applications.
  • Secure access to your emails that warns you about malicious emails, websites and keeps you away from the fear of annoying junk mails.
  • Serves your content management needs with the wiki functionality provided.

Regular updates solve the contentious problems

It is also quite easy to solve most of the errors which are generated by this email client. Normally when errors occur you just need to download the latest updates. It is very important to do this for a majority of Microsoft applications. They keep coming up with crucial and important software updates. These updates solve most of the problems generated on your computer. This is what makes Microsoft Outlook more attractive. This email client is highly interactive and user friendly. If you experience freezes or hangups of your system while using Windows Microsoft Outlook, then you just need to clean up the operating system registry contents related to Outlook, which may have been corrupted. This can be done by going to the “Menu Bar” and deleting the particular folders or using a free registry cleaner like MISPBO.

Once you do this, which is quite essential as a system maintenance task, your mail program should work fine. You should also have a Windows network diagnostic tool. It helps to detect any network problems on your computer. These network problems may be the cause of Microsoft Outlook issues. The incoming and outgoing mail servers must be able to see each other for smooth email transmissions. Another advantage of using the Microsoft Outlook mail program is the full-featured, powerful personal information manager, part of a package that comes with the Microsoft Office Suite software.


Windows XP remains one of the most easy to use, end-user friendly operating systems ever developed. The best email program interface for your maximum email usage is Microsoft Outlook. It adds more panache to the benefits of this OS, making it quite attractive to users. These, as are traditional email programs, are compatible and easy to use with Windows XP. Use of XP has in fact become a typical niche-like trend and these email programs fit perfectly well with this niche nature.