Essential Guide to MS WORD 2003: Learn about Tables and Help Menus – by John Sinitsky

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As you of course know, Microsoft Word, first introduced in the early 90 -ies, currently is a very popular text-editing program – the most popular in the world, probably. The latest version of the application, part of MS Office 2007 , was already released and purchased by millions of customers around the world. However, many find the Microsoft Word 2003 version quite enough for everyday use . There is surely a reason to that – MS Word 2003 has practically all the necessary tools to deal with document creating, editing, and formatting. This article concludes the Main Menu overview, concentrating on the Table menu and Word Help possibilities.

As it has been mentioned, the main menu consists of several drop-down options:

  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Insert
  • Format
  • Tools
  • Table
  • Window
  • Help

With most menus covered in previous articles – the only 2 left are the Table and Help sections.


As it can be easily understood from the name, this part of the menu deals with tables which can be inserted into your document. Inserting the table can be also accessed form Insert menu, and several formatting options exist in Format menu, but Table is the core place to deal with tables in your doc. You should use it to Insert and Delete the table Rows and Columns as well as tables themselves. Merge and Split cells easily with the relevant features.

More advanced options are converting table-to-text, vice-versa, and sorting.

Add formulas to your table – a simplified version of MS Excel is already inside the Word!


Although slightly disordered, Microsoft Help can be very helpful, especially if you know what are you looking for. The help is both online and on your computer (if it is not connected to the internet). The usage of help is very simple – just open the help and type in the search words. Your results will be presented in the order of relevance. A nice possibility to see is that the “WordPerfect help” is present – showing you the keyboard shortcuts that can save you a lot of type throughout typing and, especially, formatting. Office assistant is a “nice guy” (of course, virtual) who gives you the tips and hints for optimizing your MS Word 2003 usage.

You also check for upgrades through this Help menu.


With this article, we have concluded our brief overview of Microsoft Word 2003 Main menu . It is now time to deal with each Menu part separately – a more “in-depth” set of articles should be expected in the future!

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