How to Use Templates to Write a Resume in Microsoft Word

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So, you need a resume and you need one now. Maybe you are eager to have yourself back on the market, or perhaps the job of your dreams has just become open. No matter what the reason, you need it and you need it now.

Well, the quickest way for you to get a workable resume is to use a template. When you use a template, you can simply plug in your job history, your educational information, and some other facts to get an instant resume, ready to be sent off to the head hunter or human resources person of your choice.

Of course, there are a few downsides to using a template. First and foremost, what you gain in the simplicity and lack of time you will lose in the control of the document. The template will have some presets that you will have a hard time changing if you don’t like the look of them. This means that you have to be careful to choose one that you really like, and one that provides the information you need.

This mostly means that you should be looking to see that it includes the sections that you need without a lot of extra sections in order to avoid a bunch of hard-to-delete sections. Of course, if there is a section that you can simply rename to suit your needs, that is just fine. The “Volunteer Work” header can easily be changed to “Internships” if that is what you need. The basic guideline here is that small modifications are ok, but pass on everything else. You will be surprised at just how many templates there are out there to choose from.

How to get a template from the Microsoft Online templates website:

  1. Go to the Microsoft website for templates and make your way to the “Resumes” section.
  2. Choose a template that meets your needs. Take your time and look around. I will gladly wait.
  3. Download the template. It is easiest if you use the desktop.
  4. Open the document.
  5. Change the labels as needed, and plug in your information.
  6. Rename your file and save it.

As for what information you put into the document, that is a personal decision based on your career, educational experience, and industry. It is really an individual choice you have to make.

Oh, and before you submit your resume to anyone to find a job, you should be sure to give your resume a good looking over. You need to be sure that all of your spelling and grammar is correct. Nothing will turn off a person in the position to give you a job quicker then a resume that looks like it is was done slapdash. Do it quick, but do it right.

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