How To Recover Deleted Email Messages

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It’s happened to the best of us. We’ve hit delete on accident and suddenly that all important email is gone in a flash. Now, we have no idea what time our kid’s baseball game is, where the sales meeting is changed to, or how much money you made last month. What do you do now? You need that email back, but you just have no clue what to do. Of course, there are expensive software packages out there on the internet that will help you recover deleted email, but do you really need to spend the money on one or can you learn to do it yourself? Well, you can learn to get your email back yourself, and I’ll help you.

Recovering Deleted Email

When it comes to recovering deleted email you need a different set of tools to find them than you will to recover files that you’ve deleted. Email isn’t normally stored as an individual file, but rather as a bulk file, such as your inbox, junk file, and so on. For this reason, you cannot just simply search with the same software that you would use for an individual file.

When you hit that delete button and your email is gone, it is normally just sent to your deleted or trash folder for a few days before it’s actually deleted from your whole email box. So, if you have just hit delete or it has only been a day or so, you should simply be able to go into your deleted or trash folder, find the email, and restore it to your inbox or another folder where you need it to go. This is the easiest way to recover deleted email. But what happens if your email trash folder is set to clear itself out every night, or if you deleted that important email a week ago and your trash folder has been cleaned out since then?

Well, each email type is different and, depending on which type of operating system and email you use, there are different ways to recover those email messages. One of the best ways to recover them is to use Mail Recovery Express, which is a email recovery software that can easily help you grab back that email. Mail Recovery Express works great with Outlook Express and Vista Mail, and can be found at as a free download. It offers a specific recovery wizard that will walk you through the process and help you each step so that you aren’t second guessing yourself or your email. You can even recover your email after a disk crash, repair an email database if it gets corrupted, and gain your address book back if it goes the way of the wind as well.

Don’t use Outlook Express or Vista Mail? Well there are a few other email recovery software programs out there that you can download for free and use them to help you find those lost emails. Head over to to find a lengthy list of email programs and specific software that will help you recover deleted email. On this site, you’ll also find software that will help you recover your address book, passwords, files, and more.

Safe and Sound

Once you have recovered those deleted email messages and files, make sure that you place them in a folder or other safe place so that you don’t lose them again. And remember that you can always purchase backup software that will automatically store your data from your hard drive and any other area that you need in case of a crash or other messy problem that can cause you to lose all of your data.