Free Video Editors - Windows Movie Maker Alternatives

Free Video Editors - Windows Movie Maker Alternatives
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Video Spin

Containing almost all of the features of Windows Movie Maker, VideoSpin is a great alternative to WMM, not just because it’s free but also for the added features that it has which WMM doesn’t. This free video editor is from Pinnacle, the same company which gave us the Pinnacle Studio video and image editor. Actually, it’s a trimmed down version of the said proprietary software. Video Spin shares the same easy-to-use interface as that of WMM. It’s a good video editor for the non-techie users. All you need to do is to upload your video content, arrange it in the timeline, and start editing your video files. You can also add transitions and video effects as you edit. In addition to these things, you can save your video presentation and upload it directly to YouTube or Yahoo! Video.


This is an open source video processor/editor which has powerful features for processing video clips. Although not as powerful as professional video editors which lets you do advanced non-linear editing, VirtualDub lets you do real-time downsizing, apply noise reduction, and has support for AVI2. You can also decompress and recompress videos and use an advanced set of filters that perform functions such as blurring, rotating, image adjustments, and more.


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Another powerful open source video editor, Jashaka effectively utilizes the power of OpenGML and OpenML which allows you to edit with flexibility, create effects in real time, animate your video, paint and design on your video, create music with practically all the tools that professional video editors use, and work in any format at any resolution. With OpenGML and OpenML, you can also share files, projects and clips with other users on computer network. The software also utilizes a single, open source application that runs on any workstation.

Jashaka features powerful and easy-to-use tools including a morphone interface that lets you work as an editor when you are using the software. It lets you experience being an editor when editing your video, work as compositor when you are creating effects, as an audio engineer when you are mixing video, and as an animator while you work on your 3D object design. Even better is the fact that the software allows you to create your own hybrid interface.