Top 10 Internet Explorer Toolbars - Best Additions for Browser

Top 10 Internet Explorer Toolbars - Best Additions for Browser
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The Google toolbar has tons of features which can enhance your online experience to a great extent. It supports live feeds, custom site searches and even Google Gadgets. It also lets you access your toolbar settings, bookmarks, etc., from any computer anywhere. In addition, you can easily find a word with its ‘Find as you type’ feature.

The Google toolbar also gives suggestions for addresses you may have wanted if you end up on a 404 or DNS error page. It lets you access your Google Web History from the toolbar and create and label bookmarks that can be accessed from any computer. You can also translate a page using the “Translate this page” feature. And that is not all; it has features like a pop-up blocker, a spellchecker, a page rank display and much more.



The main strength of the Yahoo! toolbar is its web search integration. Yahoo! toolbar also lets you quickly search your bookmarks. The Yahoo! mail alert notifies you when you get new mail, and for instant messaging, Yahoo! Messenger integration works perfectly. It lets you personalize the toolbar as per your needs by adding existing buttons or creating your own. It also features a pop-up blocker, and it provides you with search suggestions predicting what you’re searching for.

Windows Live


Live Toolbar integrates Live search into Internet Explorer. It also adds smart menus whenever you highlight text. This smart menu offers shortcuts to various information depending on the highlighted text. You can also personalize Live toolbar with custom buttons. With this toolbar you can access Live Maps which will map all the addresses found on the web page you are viewing.


The AOL toolbar is another popular toolbar for Internet Explorer. It gives you quick access to your email, gives you weather forecasts, and uses AOL web search from the toolbar itself.



This is the unofficial IE toolbar for Facebook, which pretty much does almost everything that FaceBook’s official toolbar for Firefox does. This is a useful toolbar for those addicted to FaceBook.


The StumbleUpon toolbar helps you discover websites based on your interests. It also lets you connect to your friends and share your discoveries.


Search the Web, eBay, and more. It offers desktop alerts which notify you when you’ve been outbid on an item, when you’ve won an item and so forth. It’s easy to manage your auction items using the eBay toolbar.


The Compete Toolbar is an essential tool for webmasters. This toolbar generates two types of alerts automatically when you visit a web site. The first one is ‘Trust Scores’ which protects you from bumping into malicious sites and the second one is ‘Site Profiles’ which displays information about the website such as traffic details and rank.

McAfee SiteAdvisor for Internet Explorer

This useful toolbar from McAfee protects you from adware, spyware, viruses and other online threats, advises you of the safety of a site by using colored buttons, warns you about potentially dangerous sites, and also provides you the details about a site’s safety rating upon request.

The Torrent Search Bar is a great toolbar for Internet Explorer if you are an avid torrent user. It helps you find the torrent you are looking for by searching in more than 31 top torrent search sites. It also has RSS feeds with new torrent links.