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Before Microsoft designed, or rather, bundled a group of applications into a single package named MS Office, the individual constituents were available for free. Also, they were programmed to work with CLI based operating systems such as MS-DOS. Microsoft Word for DOS and Microsoft Word for Mac were available in the market prior to the launch of Microsoft Office for Windows.

It was only with MS Office 95 that the applications therein got the much needed synchronization. Prior to that, each component/application had its own version. For example, Microsoft Office for Windows 3.0 contained the following:

  • Word 2.0
  • Excel 4.0
  • PowerPoint 3.0

It was time to equalize the versions of all the applications. To this effect, Microsoft offered several upgrades of different software, including Word and PowerPoint, so that all of them have the same versions.

The above information was just a bit of background and warm up for answering these 20 multiple choice questions. We picked each question carefully from Bright Hub’s MS Office articles, expecting that these will also help you in interviews and online courses.

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