Internet Explorer 7, Favorites, and the Favorites Center

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If you’ve just moved to Vista and/or IE7, you’ll notice that Favorites look a little different than in older versions and editions. First, there’s a new Favorites folder for working with the Favorites you save. You click the yellow star to access it. [See Image 1]

You will see some Favorites listed in various default folders, including Microsoft Websites and MSN Websites. You can use the Favorites Center [See Image 2] to quickly access your Favorites, History, and any RSS feeds you’ve subscribed to.

Note: If you’d rather use the old Favorites menu to access your Favorites list, click the Alt key to show it.

As noted, the Favorites Center also includes access to History and Feeds. Feeds contain links to RSS sties you’ve subscribed to; History lists the links to the Web pages you visited recently.

To create a Favorite or a group of Favorite tabs

1. Go to the web page (or open multiple web pages) you want to save as a Favorite(s).

2. Click the Add to Favorites icon. It’s the gold star with the green plus sign over it.

3. To add a single web page as a Favorite, click Add to Favorites. To add all open web sites (every tab that’s open) as a tab group, select Add Tab Group to Favorites.

4. Type a Name or a Tab Group Name when prompted.

5. If you are saving a single web page, in the Create In drop down list, select a folder to save the Favorite to. If you don’t see a folder you like, click New Folder instead.

6. Click Add.

7. If you are saving a Tab Group, in the type a Tab Group Name.

8. Leave Create In set to Favorites. (This will create a new tab group in the Favorites folder that contains links to all of the pages in your group.)

9. Click Add.

You can work with Favorites inside the Favorites Center by right-clicking and dragging and dropping files. Unfortunately, each time you make a change in the Favorites Center, it closes. This is OK, but a better way to manage your Favorites list and folders is to open the Favorites folder inside your personal folder.

To Organize your Favorites:

1. Open your personal folder from the Start menu.

2. Double-click the Favorites folder to open it.

3. Position the Folders pane so you can see the content of the Favorites folder.

4. Click any subfolder under Favorites to see its contents.

5. To delete an entire subfolder, right-click it and choose Delete. This will delete the subfolder and all of its contents.

6. When prompted, click Yes.

7. In the Folders pane, under Favorites, select a subfolder that contains a Favorite link you’d like to delete.

8. Select the link.

9. Right-click the link and click Delete.

10. To move a Favorite link from one subfolder to another, or from the Favorites folder to a subfolder, select it and drag it to the desired folder.

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