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Microsoft Excel 2003 has a lot of features to help you engage and inform audiences quickly, easily, and most importantly, professionally; yet learning all that the program has to offer can seem overwhelming if you don’t have the right help or support. But the folks at Microsoft aren’t leaving you empty handed, as they have included a host of free online tutorials to associate new users to their programs.

All you need is an internet connection to access this free service anytime.

  • First, open your copy of Microsoft Excel 2003.
  • On the top right hand corner of the window you will find a white box with the words Type a message for help.
  • In this box type the phrase Online tutorial.
  • A search result box will appear with a link embedded in the phrase Training Home Page.
  • Clicking on this link will bring you to the Microsoft Office web page where you can begin your training.
  • Scroll down until you see Office 2003 training courses and click on Excel 2003.

The Microsoft Excel 2003 tutorial page is made of 9 sections, each containing 1 – 4 topics. Each tutorial is 10 – 30 minuets long and begins with an overview of the lesson followed by step-by-step audio tutorials and written transcripts that describe how to perform each feature. The Microsoft Excel 2003 training sessions include:

A great place to start - In your first lesson you will be introduced to creating workbooks, entering formulas, keeping columns and row titles in view, as well as how to secure and protect data in Microsoft Excel.

Get it on paper - This lesson is dedicated exclusively on the printing options found in Microsoft Excel.

Make a list, make it available - Proper use of the List and SharePoint command can make your work easier, and in this lesson you will learn how to properly use the AutoFilter.

It’s all about formulas - Microsoft Excel is all about the numbers, and learning to utilize payments and savings with financial formulas as well as Excels statistical functions will be a breeze after you complete lesson 4.

A picture is worth a thousand numbers - Choosing the right kind of chart and create scientific and business charts can add visual interest to any spreadsheet.

Make the data dance: PivotTable reports - Learn how to organize your data, plan your reports, and utilize the power tools that make Microsoft Excel a leader in its industry.

Import data - Use the Query Wizard to import data from outside sources such as text files or a third-party data base.

XML the language, or XXL the extralarge worksheet? - XML lets you utilize your data in different facets such as Web pages, spreadsheets and Email, and helps to create tags for the data that further describe what it means. In this section you will learn how to use XML in Excel as well as how to work with really big worksheets.

Macro hard? Not a bit - The last section of the tutorial covers the basics of macros, including how to customize them and loop them to your workbook.



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