How Can I Make Desktop Wallpaper for Windows 7 Smaller

How Can I Make Desktop Wallpaper for Windows 7 Smaller
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If you are using Windows 7, you may find that some wallpaper just might not fit your desktop. Some of the problems I have encountered include the wallpaper going off the screen and the wallpaper not centering like it should, even though I chose the centered option in my properties. The reason this sometimes happens is because of the size of the wallpaper. If the wallpaper is really huge, you may encounter this problem. So, let me show you how to resize your wallpaper to make it smaller in different programs.

Getting Started with Resizing Wallpaper

There are a couple of basic things you will need to do before actually resizing your wallpaper. To start with, you will need the wallpaper file that you want to resize downloaded to your computer. If you found it online and simply right-clicked it and set it as your background, you will need to locate it again and save it. All you have to do is right-click on the wallpaper and choose the “Save Image As” option. When the saving box opens, type in a name for it and save it to your desktop. To continue on, you will need to locate the program that you own below for steps on how to resize it in the program you have. If you don’t have one of the listed programs, you can download one of the free ones.

Resize Wallpaper in Adobe Fireworks

We will start off with resizing the wallpaper in Adobe Fireworks. Go to the top of your Fireworks software and click the File option and select “Open”. A dialog box will open and you will need to locate the wallpaper on your desktop, select it and click the “Open” button. The wallpaper will then open in your Fireworks software. It is going to be really large, so you will not be able to see all of it.

Now, you have two ways of resizing this wallpaper. You can type the actual measurements and it will resize it, or you can use the resize tool


in the toolbar and resize it to the size you want.

To use the measurements option, click the wallpaper to select it. In the bottom left corner of Fireworks, you will see the height and width field. Type your measurements in those boxes and then click the wallpaper again. You will notice that the wallpaper has changed sizes.


To use the resize tool, you will need to first drop the zoom down. Click “View” at the top of Fireworks and click the zoom out option. Continue to do this a few times until you can see the entire wallpaper in your Fireworks program. Now you are ready to resize it. Click the wallpaper to make sure it is selected. Then select the resize tool (also known as the scale tool) in the toolbar on the left. It is the second tool on the left side of the toolbar. Once you select that, you will see a box around the wallpaper with four black corners. Grab one of those corners with your mouse and drag it towards the center. Once you have the wallpaper the size you want it, let go of the mouse. Then you can export it and save it as your wallpaper.

Resize Wallpaper in Adobe Illustrator


If you are using Adobe Illustrator, you will want to follow these steps to resize your wallpaper. Open the wallpaper in your program by clicking File>Open. When the box opens, go to your desktop and click the wallpaper file to select it. Click the “Open” button on the box to open it in Illustrator. Go to the top of Illustrator and click File > Save for Web & Devices. That will pop a box up with many options on the right side of the box. On the right side, locate the height and width box. Then enter your measurements for the wallpaper. A good rule of thumb is to go with the size of your desktop. Once you are finished with that, click the Save button and your wallpaper will be resized. You can now right-click on the new file and set it as your wallpaper.

Resize Wallpaper in Photoscape


If you are using Photoscape as your graphic and photo editor, follow these steps to resize your wallpaper. Open Photoscape and select the Editor option on the splash screen. In the top left panel, locate the desktop folder and click it to select it. Then you will see all of your desktop items in the bottom left panel. Click the wallpaper file in the bottom panel and you will see it load in your main window. The wallpaper will zoom out to fit your screen. Now you can click the “Home” tab at the bottom of your program and click the arrow beside the “Resize” tab. When the box opens, you will see your options for resizing the wallpaper. Make your selection and save the wallpaper when you are finished. Then go to your desktop and set it as your wallpaper.

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