Free Funny Animal Wallpaper for Windows Users

Free Funny Animal Wallpaper for Windows Users
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If you are an animal lover and looking for funny wallpaper, you will find eight of the best in this guide. To use any of the wallpapers found in this set, you will need to locate the name of the wallpaper in the “Resource” box. Then click the link for that wallpaper to open it. Once it opens, you can set it as your desktop’s wallpaper.

To set the wallpaper as your background, you will need to right-click on the full size wallpaper and select the “set as background” option in the menu. It may not say that exact thing, but it will be similar. It will all depend on the browser you are using. However, if you are using the Google Chrome browser, you will need to save the wallpaper to your desktop and then right-click on the thumbnail of the wallpaper to set it as your background.

Kitty & Magnifying Glass

The first wallpaper in this guide is the kitty and magnifying glass wallpaper. This is a really cute wallpaper because the magnifying glass has enlarged the kitty’s face, which makes it look really funny. Behind the kitty are paw prints to set the tone for this wallpaper.

Cat Fight


So, there is usually nothing funny about kittens or cats fighting. However, sometimes you just have to make an exception. These two kittens fighting in this wallpaper is absolutely adorable. How cute is the kitty in the air? The kitty in the air, getting ready to paw slap the other kitty is what makes this wallpaper so funny.

Dolphin & Cow Wallpaper


Well, it’s not every day you see a cow and a dolphin jumping out of the ocean. A dolphin, yea that is normal. A cow, no that is not normal. A cow and a dolphin, well that is just crazy. But as crazy as it is, it makes a funny wallpaper. Someone has definitely photoshoped this photo unless there are saltwater cows I have never heard of. Whoever photoshoped it did a really good job with it because the cow looks like it is really coming out of the water. If this wallpaper made you laugh, you may want to set it as your desktop’s wallpaper.

Smiling Cat Wallpaper


How can you not laugh at this kitty? This kitty has a huge head, huge eyes and a huge smile. To the right of the wallpaper, it says, “Keep Smiling.” This wallpaper is now on my desktop. Every time I start stressing, I minimize everything and look at my wallpaper, laugh and remind myself to keep smiling. So, if you have those days, you may want to set this as your wallpaper. After all, it is pretty funny.

Zebra Motorcycle Wallpaper


Okay, so it is normal to see big cats chasing zebras. What isn’t normal is seeing that zebra getting away on a motorcycle. So, what makes this wallpaper so funny? Well, you guessed it! That zebra on a motorcycle running away from that big cat. This is a really funny wallpaper and would make a nice desktop background. Any time you needed a laugh, you could minimize your stuff and there it would be.

Cat Eating Broccoli


So, what makes this wallpaper so funny? Well, it’s not every day you see a cat being fed by a fork, let alone eating broccoli. In this wallpaper the cat looks funny with its mouth wide open waiting to be fed the broccoli. So, with those two things together, this wallpaper qualifies for a funny wallpaper.

Kitten Lifting Weights


This wallpaper is funny, but at the same time, adorable. The little kitten is trying to bench press the weights, but the kitten itself is so adorable.

Cat Drinking Water


The last wallpaper in this list of free funny animal wallpaper is of a cat drinking from the sink. This one is a bit different from the above wallpapers because this one is not so far-fetched. I have actually seen a cat do this. The owner would always leave the faucet dripping for the cat, in fact. If you are a cat lover, this may be the perfect background for your desktop. It is funny and adorable all wrapped in one.


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