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Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in 2008 and has been placed in our archive.

The creators of Microsoft Office 2003 outdid themselves with this super-charged word processing program, and typing in Spanish is just one of the many features that prove it. English is set as your default language and in order to type in Spanish you have to tell Microsoft Office that you want to add the language to your editing tool box.

Enabling this handy editing feature can be done in a few easy steps:

  • From the Windows screen, click the Start button found at the lower right portion of your screen.
  • Move your cursor so it is pointing to Programs or All Programs.

  • Once All Programs becomes available, point your cursor to Microsoft Office Tools.

  • Find Microsoft Office 2003 Language Settings in Microsoft Office Tools.

  • An installation window will appear if this is the first time you’ve used the Language Tool.

  • After the program has finished installing, repeat the first 4 steps to start the Language Tool window and click on the Enabled Languages tab.

  • Select Spanish from the Available Languages box and click Add.

From this screen you will be able to see all the languages your program supports. Not all copies of Microsoft Office Word include a Spanish language add-on, and if you don’t see an option for Spanish in this menu then you probably do not have this feature. But don’t fear! Just drop by the Microsoft Office website and download what you need.

Now that you have completed these steps you will receive a message prompting you to shut down and restart all programs. Congratulations! The next time you open a Microsoft Office program you will be reminded of your newly enabled Spanish language add-on.

Spanish is just one of the many languages available for Microsoft Office Word 2003, and these steps are applicable for enabling any supported language. So whether you’re looking to type or edit in another language or add foreign words to your dictionary, Microsoft Word 2003 is your connection to multilingual word processing.

This article has been placed in our archives.

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