An Overview of W.Bloggar: A Free Windows Blogging Application

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W.bloggar is a blogging interface that allows you to edit and manage your blog posts online. W.bloggar, unlike some other blogging platform software for the Windows operating system, allows you to run multiple blogs at the same time if you want, which can be very convenient if you have more than one. It is worth noting that it can be annoying to use software designed for multiple blogs if you only have one to manage.

Which platforms will the software work with?

Always the question of the day! Since there is very little reason to look into the software if it’s not compatible with your blog, this is almost always the question people ask first. That being said, w.bloggar has one of the most extensive lists of systems that it is compatible with. The list is long, so don’t be surprised if you don’t recognize all the names on the list. Just try to focus on finding the name you are looking for from the list of more than 30.

  • Blogger
  • MSN Spaces
  • TypePad
  • BigBlogTool
  • Blogalia
  • TheBlog
  • Blog-City
  • EraBlog.NET
  • Upsaid
  • UBlog
  • SquareSpace
  • BlogWare
  • DearDiary.Net
  • MovableType
  • Nucleus
  • b2
  • WordPress
  • b2 evolution
  • Blog:CMS
  • Text
  • BlogWorks XML
  • Drupal
  • LiveJournal
  • pMachine
  • Xoops
  • E-Xoops
  • PostNuke
  • blojsom
  • Roller Weblogger
  • Domino
  • YACS
  • Xaraya

Now that you’ve found your blogging system on the list, and I’m fairly confident you have, we are going to talk about the annoying part. You had to know that anything with this much functionality had to come with a catch. In this case, it’s that you need the proper API in order to make the software work with certain platforms. In case you’re curious, API stands for application programming interface, and allows systems that are different to communicate effectively. Don’t panic, both your blog’s host provider and the w.bloggar website have links to these, you are not expected to find them on your own.

What kind of features does this software come with?

A list of features that come with this software is, on the whole, less impressive than some other pieces you might be able to get, but if your blogging needs are basic to moderate than they should more than do the trick. Some interesting features of the software include:

  • The ability to edit both your posts and your template in the software.

  • The ability to save your files locally, without having to publish to your blog, so that you can edit them later.

  • A find/replace option in order to let you make quick changes to your posts, similar to the one in Microsoft Word.

  • The ability to import and upload text and image files so that you can write in a text editor and then post your blog without having to copy and paste, if you should so choose.

How much does this cost?

The software is available for free download and works with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. In addition, it has translations for several languages including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and Russian in its current version. Older versions are also available in languages such as Dutch, Icelandic and Italian.

It is also interesting to note that the software comes with a mobile version you can store on a USB flash drive and carry with you wherever you go.

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