Rocket Post 2: Cost, Features and an Overview.

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Happy to see you back again, ready to explore the world of blogging software for the Windows platform. Today, we’re going to take a look at Rocket Post 2, and see if it has the right mix of features and user interface that will make it the blogging software you choose to help you manage your blogs and make your online life a bit easier.

Which blogging hosts does the software work with?

I knew you looked like a smart one. Getting right to the heart of the matter like that is a mark of intelligence. There is no point getting all hyped up about a piece of software if it will not work with your blog’s host. This software is designed to work with the following types of blogs:

  • Blogger™ (new and old)
  • Movable Type™
  • WordPress
  • TypePad™
  • MSN Spaces™
  • BlogHarbor™
  • Drupal
  • dasBlog
  • BlogEngine.NET
  • Text
  • SquareSpace

That’s an impressive list. to be sure.

What features can I expect from the software?

The software’s list of features includes:

  • WYSIWYG editor: The “what you see is what you get” editor allows you to edit your posts without having to use HTML or any other coding language. In addition, the software comes with WYSIWYG font preview, so you can get an idea of how the font will affect both the style and format of your post without actually having to make the changes.

  • Full import and local editing: Full import means the software will download all of your existing posts from your current blog so you can manage them easily, and local editing means you have the ability to change all your posts from the software without having to download again each time your blog makes changes. These are great if you do a lot of off-line work, or if you have a blog with multiple authors and changes are frequent.

  • Auto picture upload and photo editing: With the software, your photos upload automatically, saving you time and frustration. In addition you can crop and resize the photos in the blog editor, saving you from having to open a photo editor software in order to make the needed changes. Both of these are handy if your blog features a lot of pictures.

  • Spell check and auto word correct: If you do a lot of writing, then you are bound to misspell a word every once in a while, it’s only human. These features can help your mistakes get caught before the post is published.

  • Definitions: If you use a lot of technical or specialized terms in your blog, then you may want provide definitions for the words in case someone is unfamiliar with them. This will allow you to insert definitions in order to help your readers out.

  • Affiliate code integration: If you use programs like Amazon affiliates in order to make little bit of extra money from your blog, the software can help you to integrate code in a natural way, without causing you too much stress.

What is the software cost?

That depends on the version you buy. If you only plan on managing one or two blogs with this software then you can save money by getting the basic addition for $59. If you need to manage more than two blogs, then you will need to go with the Pro version for $99. In addition, there is a free version available for download on the site that only works with Blogger or Windows Live Spaces. Before you shell out for the full version, you can use the site’s free 30-day trial to see if the software meets your needs.

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