An Introduction to the World of Desktop Blogging Software for Windows.

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If you run a blog, either for professional or personal reasons, then you know that sometimes the software that comes with your blogging platform doesn’t always do the job. Sometimes, you need a little bit more. Companies have come to realize there is a market for secondary blog software. Software made not by the people who are hosting your blog, but by a third-party company, is an expanding market. Of course, that means you have a lot of different choices in blogging software if you’re running on the Windows platform. You may not have been the first to get third-party blogging software, but you do have a glut of choice, and that can be a very good thing.

Why would I want blogging software?

That’s the question. Some people don’t really need it. If your blogging needs are simple or if your blog is personal, then you probably don’t need third-party software. However if you have multiple authors or a corporate blog, the secondary software may become necessary. What third-party blogging software does is give you a bit more control, it may give you the opportunity to hold posts, to organize them the way you would like, or to embed information that would otherwise be difficult to place into your posts. It can also help you with consistencies and formatting, so all of your blog posts have the same appearance. There’s simply no arguing that uniformity is important for creating a professional appearance for your site. On the backend, it could give you the opportunity to search your posts, which would make it easier to look for for something previously written.

What is the software cost? I don’t think that I can afford to buy something with a hefty price tag for my blog.

No worries, blog software for the Windows platform comes with a wide range of price options. No matter where your budget is, even if it zero, we can find something to suit your needs. In this article, I will give a basic overview of some of your options. Feel free to go exploring the links, and if you want, choose a piece of software based simply on that. Future articles in this series, however, will give reviews of the different blogging software applications. That way you don’t end up wasting any of your time and money on a piece of software that doesn’t work for you. We all have different needs, and blogging applications are all going to come with their own features. Finding the best match is what we’re here for.

That being said, these are the pieces of software we are going to look at:

Win Journal

Blog Jet

Zondry Raven

W. blogger

That’s not to say that this is an all-inclusive list of every piece of blogging software for the Windows platform - it’s definitely not. These are just a few time-tested, field-tested pieces of software out there that can help you blog. If you run across something you like better, then please feel free to give us a comment and share your discovery with us.

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