Update Linksys Router Firmware for Win 7

Update Linksys Router Firmware for Win 7
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The best way to update Linksys router firmware for a Win 7 upgrade is to do it before you actually start the Windows upgrade. This will prevent any possible complications that may arise from the old firmware not being up to date with the new OS (particularly relevant when upgrading from XP).

Of course, if you are here reading this you have probably already upgraded to Windows 7 and experienced problems with your router. As long as you still have an internet connection you can follow the instructions below without incident. If you have no internet connection then you will have to either revert to your earlier version of Windows, use another computer to reset your firmware, order a disk from Cisco or have it professionally installed by a computer shop.

Before You Update the Firmware

Before you attempt the firmware upgrade it is important to make a backup of the current Linksys Wireless Configuration. To do this you need to log on to the router web interface by typing into your web browser address bar. From there open the “Administration” tab. You may need to enter your administrator password if it has been enabled. From there open the “Config Management” tab, the “Backup” tab and then right click on the Config.bin file. Save this file to the C: drive. Now if your firmware update causes more problems than it fixes you can revert back to this configuration.

Linksys Firmware Update

  1. The first step in any firmware update is to do a hard reset of the hardware. This will reset the hardware to the original factory settings. To perform a hard reset on a Linksys router hold down the rest button 30 seconds. Continue holding down the rest button while disconnecting the router from the power supply. Leave the router disconnected for 30 more seconds (still holding the reset down). Plug the router back in and hold the reset for 30 more seconds. This 90 second cycle will restore the factory defaults.
  2. Next, direct your browser to the Linksys Support site. Here you will be required to enter the router model number in a search box. This number can usually be found on the bottom of the router (or in some cases the back panel next to the Ethernet ports).
  3. The page for your particular router should load. When it does, click on the tab to the right marked “download.” If there is more than one version of your router a drop down menu will give you version options. The version number of your router is located directly to the right (or below) the router model information. If you can’t find a version number on your router but there are several to choose from then yours is version 1.0.
  4. A list of available downloads will be shown. Download the most recent firmware version (it will have the highest number ie. version 2.12 is newer than version 2.0). Save this file to a directory you will remember.
  5. Now open up the browser web interface again ( Open up the “Administration” tab and choose “Firmware Upgrade.” Browse the files to select the firmware file you just downloaded and click “Start to Upgrade.”


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