Zoom Tool in Internet Explorer

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In some cases, web pages are difficult to read due to small fonts being used in the main content, or the general layout being cluttered and not easy to navigate. This is also highly dependent on which type of display the user has, for instance the size of your monitor and the resolution of your desktop, and moreover it depends on what type of user is browsing the page. In the case of people who have visibility problems or are impeded in some way, version 7.0 of the Internet Explorer browser offers aids to make pages more visible by employing a ‘Zoom Tool’, which can magnify aspects of the page. Whether you need to look at a picture in more detail, or read important text which you would otherwise miss, this function can help you.

There is an existing zoom tool with the current existing version of Internet Explorer, or version 7.0, but it is also possible to use a third party zoom tool, which offers more functions at a price (such as febooti). It isn’t possible to add the integrated zoom tool to the Quick Tabs in the browser or add it to a toolbar, unless you use a third party zoom tool.

In this article we will look at how to use the existing zoom within IE.

The Zoom Tool

You can show the current zoom tool by right-clicking in an empty space, near where your tabs are, and selecting the ‘Status bar’ option. Once you have done that, the status bar will show at the bottom of the browser, and the zoom tool will show on the bottom right-hand side of the open window. This is near the option to change your security settings, or the ‘world’ icon which has the ‘Internet’ heading.

You can now zoom in or out of your existing page, simply by clicking on the magnifying lens and scrolling to the desired text or picture you want to see via the scroll bar on the right-hand side. You can also select a specific zoom level by left-clicking on the small arrow next to the indicated zoom level (i.e. 100%) and scroll through the available zoom percentages.

You can also use the ‘Control’ key and the mouse wheel together (if you have such a mouse) to zoom in or out. Alternatively, press ‘Control’ and the ‘+’ key together to zoom in, or ‘Control’ and the ‘-’ key to zoom out.

If you wish, you can set the browser to remember the zoom level you’ve chosen each time you start. This is achieved by going to Tools menu (near the top of the window), right clicking so it expands, and selecting Internet Options. Once selected, a window should open up. Click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and near the top, in the Accessibility menu, unclick the option ‘Reset Zoom level to 100% for new windows and tabs’.