How to Use the Windows Vista Mobility Center on a Laptop, Tablet PC, or Netbook

How to Use the Windows Vista Mobility Center on a Laptop, Tablet PC, or Netbook
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Windows Mobility Center, included with all Windows Vista editions installed on mobile PCs, tablets, and laptops, let you adjust your computer settings quickly, including things like volume, wireless connectivity, and brightness. Windows Mobility Center was created with the traveling business user in mind. The mobility settings allow these users to change settings quickly when they get on a plane, use the PC on battery power, and give presentations.

Here’s what you’ll find in the Windows Mobility Center window:

  • Brightness - Use the slider to adjust the brightness of the screen. This will only change the brightness temporarily, and makes no changes to Control Panel’s Power Settings.
  • Volume - Use the slider to adjust the volume or speakers. You can alternately check the Mute box
  • Battery Status - See how much life is left in your battery’s current charge and change power plans here.
  • Wireless Network - Turn your wireless adapter on or off.
  • Screen Rotation - If you are using a Tablet PC, use this option it to change the screen orientation.
  • External Display - If you’re giving a presentation, connect an additional monitor or network projector here.
  • Sync Center - Perform Sync Center tasks, like creating a new partnerships, syncing, or viewing sync progress.
  • Presentation Settings - Adjust presentation settings like turning off the screen saver, adjusting the volume, and selecting a new desktop background image. You can also access connected displays.

To use Windows Mobility Center

  1. Click Start, and in the Start Search dialog box, type mobility.

  2. Click Mobility Center in the results.

  3. Make desired changes to brightness and volume. Choose a new power plan. Turn on or off WiFi. [See Image 1]

  4. Click Turn Off or Turn On to enable or disable presentation settings. Click the projector icon in the Presentation Settings window in Windows Mobility Center to configure additional settings. [See Image 2]

  5. In the Presentation Settings window, if desired, click I am currently giving a presentation.

  6. Click Turn off screen saver to keep the screen saver from coming on during your presentation.

  7. Click Set the volume to, to configure volume settings.

  8. Click Show this background to select a desktop background for your presentation.

  9. Configure the desktop background to appear in the center, as tiles, or to fit it to the screen.

  10. Click OK to apply.


Presentation Settings