Top Four Sources of Free Excel 2010 Training

Top Four Sources of Free Excel 2010 Training
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The single most, complete resource for free Excel 2010 training is Microsoft Office’s Excel 2010 Help and How To. Microsoft provides articles, step-by-step tutorials, videos and worksheets divided into various categories. From this resource, you can learn how to use the Excel 2010 window, create new sheets and tabs, work with formatting and use formulas. There are also more advanced tutorials that guide you through working with macros, security, creating charts and creating forms and controls. For even more support, you can visit the Microsoft forums and knowledge base for answers to questions and problems not listed in the Help and How To section.

California State University

California State University offers both written and video tutorials for Excel 2010. Currently, the school only offers two tutorials strictly for Excel 2010, which include working with basic Excel tasks and the differences between Excel 2007 and 2010. However, the majority of Excel 2007 tutorials available on their site apply to Excel 2010 as well, such as creating charts, applying filters, using pivot tables and creating macros.

Marrutt Software Training

Marrutt Software Training provides both free and paid software training resources. Their Excel 2010 training course has a large selection of free tutorials. All the free tutorials are listed as links to videos. Full lessons must be purchased. However, there are free videos on how to get started with Excel 2010, guides to working with Excel worksheets and how to select and enter data. These tutorials are geared mainly to the beginner, but the video format is perfect to give users a complete picture of how to perform necessary basic tasks. You do not have to purchase the software in order to view the free videos.

MS Office Tutorial Training

MS Office Tutorial Training focuses on Microsoft Office training, include Excel 2010. Tutorials are all free. As new tutorials are created, the site is updated to provide you with the most up to date free Excel 2010 training available. Whether you want to learn the ins and outs of the ribbon menu or master functions, easy to follow tutorials are available. In addition to written training, video training is available as well. Video tutorials are listed on a separate site, but the link is available at the top of the tutorial section.

Other Resources

Bright Hub also has an excellent selection of free Excel 2010 training resources. One important part of using Excel 2010 is formulas. Excel 2010 allows you to automatically perform calculations through the use of functions and formulas. Master these and you’ve mastered a good portion of Excel 2010.

The list above doesn’t include all the free training resources available for Excel 2010. You can also discover answers to questions not covered in training courses and tutorials at the Excel Office Knowledge Base, which is a free forum where you can post questions and receive answers from experienced users.