How To Instructions for Changing Your Nickname on Windows Live Essentials Messenger 2011

How To Instructions for Changing Your Nickname on Windows Live Essentials Messenger 2011
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Windows Live Essentials 2011

Windows Live Essentials 2011 is the upgraded version of the Windows Live software that includes many of the popular applications, such as Windows Messenger, Windows Mail, and Windows Live Mesh. The great thing about the new Windows Live Essentials is that you can easily change the settings for one application through out the whole of Windows Live.

In this article, learn the instructions for changing your nickname on Windows Live Essentials messenger 2011.

Changing Your Nickname on Windows Live Essentials Messenger 2011

In the previous version of Windows Live Essentials, you would have to change your Live Messenger nickname through messenger

itself. What is Live Messenger? Live Messenger is the upgraded version of the popular instant messaging service that comes with every version of Microsoft Windows operating systems. This is a free program that can be utilized to not only to keep in touch with loved ones, but can be integrated with that of Windows.

For the 2011 upgraded version, users of Windows Live Essentials Messenger can now change their nicknames via their Windows profile instead of that of messenger. A Windows profile is created when a person signs up for a service, such as a Hotmail or Live email account, allowing them to have access to other Windows online services, like Live Mesh or Live Messenger. The name that you have displayed for your messenger is now the one that is reflected from your profile, so if you have your real name on your profile, this is the name that will now show on your messenger.

To do this, first sign in to your Windows profile by going to the main website for Windows Live. When you have signed in, go straight to your profile, which is located in the upper right corner of the website, listed right underneath your name that is displayed here. On the left hand side, you will then see a list of different options - Profile, Details, Photos, and Documents. Clicking on the details option will take you to a page where you can edit the details of your profile, such as your name, your contact list, and you work information.

You can click the ’edit’ option next to each title so that you can edit these details. You will need to log out and then log back in to the website in order for the changes you have made to take place. When those changes have been made, your profile will then be shown with your full name, which allows for your friends and family to identify you.

Why the change from having a nickname to a recognized name? In essence, Windows wanted to have a more uniformed way in which users are able to keep track of their information throughout their Windows experience. This is actually a great way for friends and family to find you if they are also using Windows Live, meaning they can either look for you by email address or by your name.

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