Anti-virus news and product reviews

Computer viruses continue to be a menace to both home users and business alike. Here, you will find information about the latest viruses and emerging risks, reviews of leading anti-virus products and details of what you can do to protect your computers and network against the latest threats.

The Evolution of Computer Viruses

Computer viruses have come a long way since they were first thought of. Moving from the realms of a simple practical joke, to the high heights of international cyberwarfare, they have certainly had an interesting course. To find out more about how viruses have changed, look inside.

Detailed Review of F-Secure Anti-Virus 2011

F-Secure Anti-Virus 2011 is not only an easy to use virus protection program, but a versatile malware scanner utilizing several different detection technologies. Find out how F-Secure can protect your system and if it’s worth buying.

Review of Panda Cloud Antivirus v1.5

Panda Cloud antivirus has received the highest rating from the antivirus testing laboratory, AV-Comparatives. It beat the big names like Symantec, AVG, Microsoft Security Essentials and many more. Check out this new product review on Panda Cloud AV.

Easy to FollowTrojan Removal Tips for Windows

Got Trojans? No, not the doomed bronze age warriors in the helmets and miniskirts, the bugs that turn your computer into an automated virus factory. Learn how to effectively remove these persistent bugs and minimize your chances of future infection with a few simple steps!

Configuring Windows Software Installation Security Tools

Worried that your kids or employees might kill your system by accidentally downloading harmful software? Maybe you’d just rather see them restricted to productive programs. Either way, there are several software installation security tools within Windows 7 to control your system’s user privileges.

Top Avast Antivirus Geeks Secrets

Fast, lightweight, and user friendly, Avast has fans throughout the globe. It is also one of the most advanced options out there for webmasters and programmers. Learn how Avast gives even free users access to powerful tools that improve their PC security.

Is Digital Defender Software Any Good

Ever wonder what is behind the products you purchase? In this case, it is even more important because it defines the safety of your computer’s information. Knowing what is under the hood of your Digital Defender, you will be able to better determine if it is any good.

How to Remove Anti Virus System Pro

Fake antivirus programs have popped up since 2008, trying to lure unsuspecting or new Internet users to give away vital information to thieves. We’ll take a look at one such case and how to remove the Antivirus System Pro program.

How to Remove a Trojan Horse VB.VJE Infection

In our continued quest in getting everything we can from the web and online access, there are still things that we could easily do without; Trojan Horses are one of them; these nasty things came in all shades, but the damage they do is the same.

Here we’ll look the Trojan Horse VB.VJE variety.

Using Kaspersky Safe Run for Windows 7

Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 users can all enjoy Kaspersky safe run options, but their screen resolution may be affected by the useful tool. To learn more about Safe Run from Kaspersky 2011 for applications and websites, read more below.