Outpost Security Suite 2009: Easy to Use Advanced Firewall and Malware Protection for Windows

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Agnitum has released a new version of its Outpost Security Suite that provides protection and support, not only to newer service packs of Windows but to Windows 7 operating system also. The new version also provides enhancements and faster performance.

Installation and System Requirements (5 out of 5)

Outpost Security Suite 2009 v6.7 (OSS) will now run on 32-bit edition of Windows 7. The new build also provides support on the latest service packs for 32-bit and 64-bit editions packs of Windows Server 2008 and Vista.

The installer of OSS is 68MB because it includes the required Visual C++ runtime libraries. The installer will also create a restore point in Windows and let you choose if you want to automatically update the program and detection signature during installation.

Installing OSS v6.7 is similar to its earlier version, where you can customize the components to install. You have the option to install Web Control, Anti-Spam and Anti-Malware protections to enjoy not only the advanced firewall but also advanced content filtering, malware and spam protections.

What is neat with OSS is you do not have to restart the system after installation before you can configure the program. An option to open its configuration window is available so when you restarted the PC, OSS will run the way you want it to.

What’s New in Outpost Security Suite? (5 out of 5)

In addition to Windows 7 support, OSS v6.7 provides the following:

  • Faster performance on latest service packs of Vista and 64-bit edition of Windows
  • Network operations with ICS, shared printer and VMware workstation is now more stable
  • Improved self-defense against unwanted shutdown or modification
  • Addition new filters to improve Hosts Protection Anti-leak
  • Improved anti-malware engine to support Windows 7
  • Content filtering of OSS is now fully compatible with rich-media websites and P2P Clients
  • Improved compatibility with third-party applications: Windows Firewall, User Account Control in Vista, Kaspersky products, The Bat!, Incredimail, mTorrent, eMule, TranslateIt!, Abbyy Lingvo, Jaws, Imeem and AIMP.
  • Improved Outpost QuickTime plug-in for IE8 on 64-bit edition of Windows

Benefits in using Outpost Security Suite (5 out of 5)

Having advanced firewall that is one of the best will provide not only advanced protection against intrusions but also fast detection and protection against malware. Heuristic detection by its anti-malware is added bonuses that will not only protection your PC against spyware but all types of malware. You have protection against 0 day threat provided by its Host Protection.

Web-based threats are in the wild which Outpost Security Suite’s advanced content filtering will take care. Agnitum team ensure that the required connections by any programs that you have installed is automatically detected which will save you time in creating firewall rules.

That’s not all! Outpost will protect you from unwanted messages using its advanced anti-spam solution. You can also say goodbye to your resource hog firewall or anti-malware solution because Outpost Security Suite does not slow down the system while it is busy protecting your computer.

Options, Performance and Support (5 out of 5)

Outpost Security Suite does not require lots of memory to run. While it’s guarding your PC and browsing, OSS will use 16MB and 32MB if it’s busy scanning the system.

A quick system scan is done in few minutes and provides option on how you can manage any detected items. Full, custom and single file scan is the other scan options. The options to exclude some partition, folder or file are also available. Most components in OSS are customizable so you don’t have to rely to the default.

Agnitum makes it easy for people to report issues on their products and their team will respond in no time via e-mail or chat.

Price to Value (5 out of 5)

$49.95 for 3 PCs – 360-degree protection with a real deal! 30-days trial version is available.


With fast performance and comprehensive protection for your home or small business, Outpost Security Suite is highly recommended!

Screenshots of Outpost Security Suite v6.7

Outpost Anti-Malware Configuration

Outpost Anti-Spam Configuration

Options on Scan Results

Customizing Installation of Outpost Security Suite

Memory Usage of Outpost Security Suite

Handy Menu in using Outpost Security Suite