Review of TrojanHunter - Top Notch Trojan Remover

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An Overview of what the Company Claims

The company says that if you are downloading files from the computer, you need TrojanHunter. It offers both manual scan and a background automatic scan to make sure that the data on your system is safe.

Important Note: Please remember that TrojanHunter is not an anti virus software. It has been designed specially to fight Trojans. Though it can be used in conjunction with any other anti-virus, the Trojan Hunter may cause conflicts with some of the free antivirus software available on the Internet as there are many antivirus available. In such cases, it is recommended that you use one of the best free anti-virus software listed on Bright Hub. TrojanHunter does not create problems with the anti-virus suites of well-known brands such McAfee, Nortan, and Kaspersky.

Among the many features listed on the webpage of TrojanHunter, is the high speed File Scan Engine. The company claims that the File Scan Engine can detect new and modified Trojans that spring up frequently. TrojanHunter includes a memory scanning module to locate the different variants of the Trojans already in its database. The Trojan Hunter also includes a Registry Scanning plug in that searches the registry to trace any Trojans that may have gained access to the registry. The company also says that TrojanHunter can scan different configuration files (.ini files) to detect and remove Trojans.

In addition, TrojanHunter also keeps an eye on the all the open computer ports to stop Trojans from entering your computer at the computer port itself. Among the advanced features of the TrojanHunter is the Advanced Trojan Analyzer. The Advanced Trojan Analyzer is said to be able to detect all classes of Trojans using advanced techniques. TrojanHunter also offers TrojanHunter Guard that resides in the memory. It constantly scans the memory of your computer to detect and remove any Trojan that attempts to access or modify any memory location. Overall, the company boasts of preventing, detecting, and removing any Trojan and/or its variants from destroying your data in the computer.

Preparing to Test the Software (5 out of 5)

Installation was quick and easy. It hardly took 4 minutes on my laptop, with only two clicks - to confirm the EULA and the destination folder. As soon as the installation was complete, the installation wizard presented a screen asking if it should launch TrojanHunter and Memory Guard.

The Interface (4 out of 5)

The interface of TrojanHunter is clean and makes navigation easy. The left Pane shows you several options to scan, schedule, study the rule sets, check the quarantined files, and finally, to setup the options so that the Trojan Hunter can act accordingly. The right pane shows entries/options corresponding to the options you select in the left pane.

I found the user interface so friendly that even a novice can handle Trojan Hunter easily. You can start the scan directly after setting up the options under the Options tab in the left pane of TrojanHunter.

Using the Sofware (5 out of 5)

Unlike other Trojan removal software that employ file signatures to detect Trojans, TrojanHunter has its own rules’ database. Each rule has one or more features of Trojans listed in it. This allows the software to identify and remove any Trojan or its variant from your computer. The features are based on the normal properties of different files such as the Windows registry keys, executables, configuration files, and any file that can easily be converted to a Trojan to be injected into a computer. You can see, add, or edit the rules under the Trojans Options in the left pane. Though it may be difficult even for advanced users to create their own rules for detecting Trojans, still the options are available.

The Options tab allows you to select what all files to scan for Trojans. You can select if TrojanHunter should scan inside the zip and rar files; cabinet and binded executables; scripts; and much more. You can enable or disable the Advanced Trojan Hunter from this menu. Other than this, you can use the Options menu to select if you want to: disable files resembling Trojans, search registry, and receive alerts about suspicious files.

The Update menu at the top allows you to update the rule set of TrojanHunter. Though TrojanHunter has a provision of updating the rules sets automatically so that it can identify new Trojans and Trojans with modifications, you can use this option to update the rule set at your convenience. You can also use the webpage of the Trojan Hunter to employ a manual method to update the rules database. The methods mentioned on the website are somewhat difficult and are almost beyond the scope of an average user.

Testing the Software (5 out of 5)

Initially, I did not choose the entire Hard Drive of 80 GB to run the test. Instead, I ran the scan on my D drive. The D Drive had approximately 8000 files that took up around 5 MB of space. Before running the scan, I selected the options of scanning inside and .zip, .rar, and cabinet files. The entire scan took around 20 minutes.

The speed of my laptop was not affected. I was able to browse the net properly and use other applications including streaming audio without any problems even as the scan running. This means that TrojanHunter did not consume much system resources to scan the computer.

Following these results, I selected the registry scan option, NTFS data stream options, and cleaning of possible Trojan files and ran the scan by selecting the entire HDD that contained 5 partitions. The whole process took around 90 minutes. The affect of scan on system performance was negligible. It was running smoothly while I was working on other applications. A look at the memory usage under Windows Task Manager showed that the TrojanHunter consumed only 6.2 MB of RAM. The CPU usage was almost nothing.

The Bottom Line (5 out of 5)

TrojanHunter is easy to use, light on resources, extremely effective and, at $39.95, is certainly competitively priced. What more could you want? Highly recommended!