SQLBackupAndFTP - A Great SQL Backup Solution

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If you have developers working on SQL projects using any of Microsoft’s Express Editions, SQLBackupAndFTP is the ideal software to use. SQLBackupAndFTP is an excellent software for any of your SQL backup needs. Although Microsoft’s Enterprise Manager offers SQL Maintenance and backup, this software package offers features found in many paid for applications. Although the ‘free’ version offers many features, the $49 paid for version gives you unlimited schedules for backups. The simplicity of backing up is easy and user friendly. Backups can be performed locally, across a network or through FTP.

Installation (5 out of 5)

Installation of SQLBackupAndFTP is easy and fast. The installation can be performed on the Microsoft SQL Server or on any workstation. Workstation installation makes checking the backups convenient and fast. With SQLBackupAndFTP, the software provides for redundancy against your current Microsoft SQL Server. This application uses very little memory and CPU utilization is very small.


Features (4 out of 5)

For FTP features, the software has to be installed on the Microsoft SQL Server. The programmers and developers at SQLBackupAndFTP are currently working on the next features which will include FTP from an installed workstation. With SQLBackupAndFTP, full backups are performed as you schedule them. Because you have full backups,restoration ensures you have all of your data if a restore is necessary.

The easy to use interface allows all levels of databse management to perform backups when needed. Backups can be performed at a moments notice by running the backup with ‘one’ click.


Performance (5 out of 5)

SQLBackupAndFTP uses only 7 megabytes of RAM when operating and 1.3% CPU utilization. These resources are minimum on your workstation. During this performance test, the Windows 2003 server with a 264 megabyte SQL file only used 5 - 10% CPU Utilization during the actual backup. This indeed was a minimal impact on the Quad Core Server. The network utilization was very small and did not affect network performance of the server.

The software is well written and uses very little of the aforesaid resources. SQLBackupAndFTP is developing additional features to add to the collection of features found in the current version. Because this software acts as a form of redundancy for any size organization, SQLBackupAndFTP is the perfect tool to be used as a secondary backup to ensure your critical data is backed up.