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The irony behind Kaspersky’s Mobile Security is I had never thought or imagined the extent of the research that someone like Kaspersky could put into mobile devices. Kaspersky’s reputation for protection is well known and they are a leader in protecting your assets against malicious and harmful activities. With Kaspersky Mobile Security, the features and security behind the protection of these vulnerable devices is unreal. You wouldn’t think that such a small software package could contain this much protection. Often overlooked, protection for these devices is becoming more and more critical. Kaspersky is truly ahead of the race.

Installation (5 out of 5)

Installation was very basic for Windows mobile on my HP iPAQ. The small download of <600 kb went really fast and flawlessly. Phone users or Mobile users need not feel intimidated. Kaspersky has done their homework and keep the cab file installation easy for all users. Administrators also need to look at the simplistic installation to protect devices they issure.

Features and Performance (5 out of 5)

Kaspersky’s Mobile Security is loaded. With Anti-Theft Protection, the software can delete all personal data if it lost or stolen. Kaspersky will also notify you if your SIM card is removed. These Anti-Theft components are a must have in today’s world.

Amazingly I was just asked how to get rid of unwanted text messages and I was somewhat clueless. With Kaspersky, their Anti-Malware Protection blocks these messages and helps keep your computer free from any kind of infection. How? If you synchronize your device with your computer, Kaspersky helps to keep malware at bay. With internet connectivity and downloads coming directly from the web, these devices are vulnerable.

Like more expensive software that protects your laptops, the Anti-Theft Protection of Kaspersky can be used to delete your confidential assets remotely. Not tested was the ability to find out who the new owner of your device is if your mobile device is stolen - Kaspersky has this feature built in! With SIM Watch, you can track back your SIM card and delete as necessary. This feature would be invaluable if theft ever happened to you.

Price and Value (5 out of 5)

At $29.95 annually, this is a great value for the ever increasing SMS spam messaging and any internet malicious threats. A discounted price for two years is available. Administrators and home users should be educated on these ever increasing problems and threats. With theft of electronics rising annually, the Anti-Theft security makes Kaspersky an asset for your assets.

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