8 Must-Read Computer and Information Security Articles

8 Must-Read Computer and Information Security Articles
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No self-respecting computer user should go a week without being aware of the latest developments in computer and information security, from reports on the latest scams to figures on identity theft and new ways of combatting digital intrusion.

Knowledge is power, as they say, and being aware of digital threats, phishing and hacking puts you in a good position to avoid being conned in such a way.

As such we have compiled this list of must-read computer and information security articles that features articles both on Bright Hub and other websites.

Vital Computer and Information Security Articles

With the clear fact that every single day can deliver a brand new threat to your personal information security, material that outlines just how widespread these problems are should be vital reading to anyone with even a passing interest in beating the scammers.

The article “Information Security Threats in the First Quarter of 2010” is found at www.securelist.com and features a wealth of key data on the patterns of attempted attacks during that period. It is fascinating to learn that vulnerabilities in Adobe software are targeted by around 50% of exploits.

If you were under the impression meanwhile that you were safe from phone tapping and other more traditional methods of information theft, you will be shocked to find that even VoIP systems can be tapped using Trojans.

Trojans and Regular News

Of course, no list of computer and information security articles can be complete without reference to the dangers of Trojans and the various forms they can take, and Explaining the Types of Trojan Horses deals with this subject in an informative manner.

Anyone with a deep interest in staying on top of Internet scammers should be very interested to find that there are several excellent online resources that are updated with news on new threats, exploits and vulnerabilities on a daily basis. One particularly useful resource is www.securityfocus.com, which is not only a good source of regular articles but also a place where you will find important information on a daily basis.

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Security Myths

Separating such important information about new threats and exploits from endless myths about dangers and false notions of safety is a vital part of information security, where educating users is a key purpose. Combatting persistent myths about various computer security-related matters is important and the article Three Persistent Security Myths really hammers home just how far we have to go before people can see beyond the novelty value of computing and recognise the risks

A fascinating article that will illustrate that one of the classic Windows vulnerabilities, ActiveX, is still a major problem for unsuspecting users is What Are the Risks of Installing ActiveX Controls? This article is part of an ActiveX series of articles here at Bright Hub that you really shouldn’t miss.

Articles for Newbies

An ideal article for anyone who knows little or nothing about computing and online security is this excellent explanation of why firewalls are important, and it should be understood that all users should have a firewall, from a home laptop user through to a smartphone user and on to enterprise-scale networks.

The final choice among this selection of computer and information security articles is perfect all year round but particular appropriate at Christmas when people are regularly shopping online and using credit cards. Regardless of your knowledge about computer and information security, The Twelve Scams of Christmas should be vital reading for everyone.