The Roundup - Pop Up Blocker for Firefox

The Roundup -  Pop Up Blocker for Firefox
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Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a very popular Internet browser with the ability to be used on multiple operating systems, such as Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. The browser itself allows for a lot of customization, so that each user can have their own different style when they pull up their preferred homepage.

The pop-up blocker for Firefox offers built-in protection for users, which allows them to avoid the threats that come from unwanted pop-ups that they may come across while online. The pop-up blocker comes standard within the browser when downloaded, however there are also some add-ons that users can use if they don’t like the built-in one.

Pop Up Blocker for Firefox


he Mozilla Firefox pop-up blocker is a feature that is built into the popular browser. The feature allows for the blocking of pop-ups that can appear either on top of the current browser window or behind the current window. Pop ups are separate browser windows that may suddenly ‘pop up’ in order to notify the user about something.

The pop-up blocker allows for a user to set which websites you want pop-ups for. Some websites need to have pop-ups, such as windows for logins or entering other information. However, there are also those pop-ups that are not so friendly, such as those that are unwanted advertisements or fake antivirus notifications. To bring up the pop-up blocker for Firefox, open the browser and locate the Tools option on the menu bar and then scroll down to the “Options” listing.

Within the content area, you can chose certain exceptions for the pop-up blocker. These exceptions are meant for sites that require the use of pop-ups, such as some online shopping sites and some banking websites. Make sure to add those sites that you know have important pop-ups to the exception list. In the case that you don’t add them, you are still able to add them to your exception list when Firefox notifies you that the pop-up has been blocked.

There may be cases in which you accidentally add a website that you did not want to add. Luckily, you don’t need to keep getting those pop. You can remove websites from the pop-up blocker exception list just as easily as you added them.

There are also some Firefox add-ons that allow for pop-up blocking in conjunction with or replacement of the built-in blocker. For example, Adblock Plus is a popular add-on that works along with the built-in Firefox pop-up blocker that blocks pop-ups that happen if a user clicks a link, such as a link that brings up an advertisement and another window. This complete coverage should be valuable to any user who wishes to avoid pop-up ads while browsing without much work.

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