How to Use Kaspersky Anti virus Online Scan for IE, Firefox and Opera

How to Use Kaspersky Anti virus Online Scan for IE, Firefox and Opera
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Kaspersky Online Scanner

Kaspersky Labs provides a free service to check for viruses, Trojans, rootkits, worms, spyware, adware, dialers and other type of malware using Kaspersky antivirus online scan. The free service is currently unavailable if you will visit the main website, However, the free online scanner by Kaspersky is not really disabled for some reason because I was able to run it in an XP system using IE, Opera and Firefox browsers.

Using Kaspersky’s Online Virus Scan

The Kaspersky online virus scan website offers a trial version of Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 instead of the free Kaspersky antivirus online virus scan service. If you really want to scan the computer using the free online scanner by Kaspersky, you should visit Kaspersky web scan webpage instead which is located in

The said Kaspersky online scan is exactly the same as the previous version. Kasperky is planning to upgrade the free online virus scan service but you can still use it, using the above link. The system requirement to run the online virus scan by Kaspersky is by using Internet Explorer 6 and higher, Opera 9 and higher or Firefox 2 and higher versions. Sun Java Runtime Environment plugin is also a requirement.

Using Kaspersky Online Scanner

When the webpage of Kaspersky online scanner opens, it will check the system information and provide a message, if the requirements is not available e.g. if Java RE is not installed:

Kaspersky Antivirus Online Scan Requires Sun Java RE

If you have the required browser and Sun Java RE, the online scanner lets you accept or decline on the End-user license agreement (EULA) in using the free online service by Kaspersky. After agreeing with the EULA, the online scanner will immediately download the program and virus database. It will take some time to download the necessary files if you are not using a fast Internet connection.

Kaspersky Online Scanner Download Database and Product Update

When it finished downloading the necessary files to proceed scanning the computer for viruses and other types of malware, the scan option will be ready, allowing you to run a critical, full or custom scan:

Scan Options of Kaspersky Online Scanner

Tip: Before selecting any of the available scan method in Kaspersky online scanner, you should review the “Settings” by clicking it in the left-hand corner and then select what type of threats to find by Kaspersky antivirus or if you want it to scan email databases and archived files.

Settings of Kaspersky Online Scanner

Warning: Note that the digital signature by Kaspersky Online scanner is trusted but Internet Explorer will report its status as an “expired” digital signature. Use the service at your own risk but since the connection is confirmed valid to and from Kaspersky server, it is safe to use.

Kaspersky Online Scanner Digital Signature Has Expired

jreport is part of Kaspersky Online Scanner which is required to “run” if you prefer using this service that is currently being updated by Kaspersky. It is recommended or best using the supported online virus scanners by other vendors, until Kaspersky has finished upgrading the service.

Scan Reports by Kaspersky Online Scanner

If you ran an online virus scan using Kaspersky and it found no security issue in your computer, the webpage will display the scan statistics with 0 threats found:

No Threats Found Using Critical Scanner in Kaspersky Online Scanner

However if the system has malware or threats, the scanner will display the number of detected threats and infected objects:

Infected Files Found by Kaspersky Online Virus Scan

Clicking on “View report” displays the location and threat name of detected objects and you have the option to save the report in an HTML format:

Report by Kaspersky Online Scanner

Visiting the online scanner by Kaspersky lets you update the database and products, if available. It will no longer download huge files since the initial use of the scanner has downloaded the product and virus database, but will only download additional or modified virus database. Note that there is no option to remove any detections by Kaspersky Antivirus online scan.

Image credit: Screenshot taken by the author.