Read These Computer Crime Articles at Bright Hub

Read These Computer Crime Articles at Bright Hub
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Computer crime is technically a very large field of study, but I’ll try to cover all of the articles that we have covering all the ways that scammers and hackers try to harass and steal using computers and the Internet. Note that cyber crime and computer crime are basically the same thing, so I’ll probably switch between them in this list.

Computer Crime - Hacking


start most of my articles with a note warning that hacking isn’t at all like it’s shown in the movies. Most hackers do fairly boring stuff, get security consultant jobs as ethical hackers or target much bigger players than the average person. That said, hacking is a danger to personal and corporate computers. The following articles should give you a good view of what hackers do and hopefully a better idea of how to protect yourself.

Ethical Hacking - Explains the field of ethical hacking, which is the process of authorized hackers testing website security to see just how secure it is. Ethical hacking is a vital aspect for securing websites, computers and large networks. A significant number of hackers are actually ethical hackers that use their talents to perform security checks and grant unique insights for their security providers.

Hacking Cases - A detailed look at hacking cases and their outcomes in the court. Since most people just know about hacking through Hollywood drama, it’s useful to learn about what hackers do for real crimes. It should also help if you’re looking for a little peace of mind, since these real hacking cases showcase the government response and the fairly long jail sentences that all of the hackers received for their part in the crime.

Email Password Hacking - I take a look at the methods for hacking the password on someone’s email account and the ways that Internet users can protect themselves. This covers several different types of hacking, including the new process of social engineering to abuse email password recovery features and secret questions to gain access to an email account through the website itself. This hacking article also looks at the incident in which Sarah Palin’s private email was hacked.

Computer Crime - Phishing

Phishing is a type of fraud that has really grown into its own field. Phishing refers to using fraudulent means to gather information. One popular method is to send false bank or PayPal emails as spam, hoping that someone is tricked into filling their information into the fields. Phishing can involve some very well made spoof websites that look like the real thing. It’s very likely for an Internet user to run into phishing scams online and it is probably one of the main computer crimes that the average Internet user will come across.

History of Phishing - Just like it says, it’s a brief history of phishing and the way that it developed from the first phreakers and identity thieves. A very interesting read if you’d like to learn more about how phishing changed into a full fledged computer crime from a series of brief pranks in the earliest days of the Internet.

Phishing Cases - This article covers several big phishing scams and the arrests that were made. As with the hacking cases, this should give you a much better understanding of how the best phishing scammers operate and how law enforcement tries to counter their efforts to separate victims from their money and personal information. It’s great if you’d like to know more about phishing laws and ways to avoid common scams.

Computer Crime - Fraud

Computer Crime - Law Enforcement Is Getting Used to Cyber Criminals and Arresting More Each Day

Fraud just covers the numerous scams and other crimes and pseudo-legal activities online. These can be as simple as a fraudlent seller or buyer on craigslist or eBay or a Nigerian prince with a lot of money that just needs your bank account info and a few grand to make you rich. Of course the mouse is always coming up with new ways to outsmart the mouse trap. If you want to stay safe online, you need to stay ahead of the online fraud curve.

Online Fraud Cases - A larger list of different online fraud cases that made a pretty big splash. As with the other articles, it’s always a good idea to see what online scammers do in the real world for their biggest cases. Seeing what worked on other people is crucial for protecting yourself.

E Crime Units - A description of the police and government officials that fight computer crime in the United States and the United Kingdom, with resources for reporting cyber crime. This is a good thing to read if you’d like to know more about what you can do to fight fraud, help family members stay safe or if scammed file the necessary reports and fix the situation.

Cyber Crime Laws - Examinging differences in cyber crime laws between countries. A major issue with online crime is that everycountry has different rules and regulations, meaning that some fraudlent actions are basically unpunishable. This article should be a good read for anyone that wonders why online fraud is so rampant and why law enforcement organizations can’t seem to get it under control.

Computer Crime - Conclusion

Computer crime is a big problem for the Internet age. As millions of people gain Internet access and make it an important part of their daily life, they expose themselves to a plethora of scams and hackers that wish to steal their information and use it for nefarious purposes.

Staying educated about cyber crime and computer crime is vital. If you know about the latest scams, fraud and phishing tricks, then you will be in good shape for keeping yourself safe online. If you have any other unanswered questions about cyber crime or other types of online crime, then feel free to search around the website. We may have a new article on the subject that can answer all your questions.

Hopefully this list has helped you find what you need to know.


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