Network Security Funny videos and IT Funny Videos

Network Security Funny videos and IT Funny Videos
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Network security is serious business. The internet boom has increased the number of threats just waiting to infect your computers and your network. Being in the network security business is not a joke; most people in this industry take their job very seriously. Whether they’re an administrator constantly trying to monitor their network from attacks or a security researcher always on alert for new threats, they know that one fatal mistake can cost thousands, even millions of dollars.

However, you’re not here to read about the seriousness of this topic, you’re here to see some funny videos. As a security researcher and a video fanatic, I’ve watched and collected quite a few entertaining videos. Let me share the lighter side of network security.

Here’s my top 5 funny network security / IT videos.

The Network is Down…


If the Network is down the IT administrator shall soon follow.

I understand this might be not funny at all for some, especially with the administrators. Our admin friends deal with this type of things almost every hour and every day of their lives. But you have to admit, the way they pulled this up, the slowmotion, facial expressions and the dying man… it’s just hilarious.

Jackie Chan and Kaspersky


I’ve watched this video couple of months ago, but it still gets me how they tried to connect Jackie Chan, Kaspersky and the “CyberWorld”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jackie Chan and his movie antics, but for me, this advertisement went a little overboard.

Put on your Kaspersky helmet? Priceless.

Norton’s Dokken and Chicken


Skimming through countless videos everyday, I’ve noticed that some antivirus companies likes to create these seemingly ridiculous and out of place ads just to catch our attention. We might as well give them credit for it, because these commercials are sometimes catchy. One of my favorite is the Dokken and Chicken Phenomenon. An ad from Norton where they compare your hard drive to a chicken and the 80s band Dokken to an angry computer virus. I wonder what will happen.

Microsoft’s Future Parody


The raw video on this next link is actually a real advertisement from Microsoft. Apparently, this is the company’s vision of the future. However, just as the name implies, the funny thing in this video is how it was perfectly dubbed by some guy from site.

Check out the Microsoft’s Vision of the Future (Parody).

Sys Admin in the 14th Century


With the help of a “System admin”, a 14th century “user” is trying to figure out his way onto the new “System”.

See the System Admin during the 14th century

I hope you enjoyed the videos that I have on my list. Please don’t hesitate to put links on the comments if you have some funny videos you might want to share.