Top 4 WordPress Hacker Alert Plugin Choices: Protect Your Blog With a Virtual Firewall!

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You may not even be aware that there are several areas in WordPress that are insecure. We’re not talking vulnerable to sophisticated attacks (though that’s true) — we’re talking crude brute force attacks due to things like easy-to-guess admin logins or snoopable admin folders. You can plug these security holes manually, one by one, or you can protect yourself with a WordPress hacker alert plugin. Going the plugin route saves you time and effort and provides a simple way to not only plug the security holes but to also continually scan for hacker attempts, and alert you of suspicious activity.

Installing a WordPress firewall like this will take your blog one step closer to being hacker-proof. Here are four plugins that do the job.

WordPress Firewall Plugin

WordPress Firewall analyzes web requests intelligently to identify and stop hacking attacks. It identifies phrases that appear designed to exploit WordPress and blacklists them. One bonus is that WordPress Firewall can be configured to be the first-loading plugin, thereby meaning it can protect other WordPress plugins from these same sort of security hacker attacks.

WordPress AntiVirus Plugin

The AntiVirus plugin watches for hacker exploit attempts and spam injections. It’s set to scan every day and emails notifications to you. One special trick AntiVirus does is to dectect the WordPress permalink back door, one way for a WordPress hacker to sneak into your site.

Secure WordPress Plugin

The Secure WordPress hacker alert plugin is like a spring cleaning for your WordPress install. It takes care of several vulnerabilities, like removing error information on the login page (such information is used by WordPress hackers to narrow down login guess possibilities), adds index.php to folders hackers and visitors aren’t supposd to see, and more. A great choice for basic, all-around WordPress security.

WP-MalWatch Plugin

If all else fails, the WP-MalWatch WordPress hacker alert plugin will do just that: it lets you know when hackers have already been mucking about inside your WordPress install. WP-MalWatch runs a nightly security scan looking for hacker spoor — hidden files, malicious .HTACCESS files, files disguised as PHP, and other evidence that hackers are already in your WordPress. WP-MalWatch notifies you of any irregularities in a dashboard widget, listing suspicious files for you to check out and if necessary, delete.

Protect Your Install With a WordPress Hacker Alert Plugin

Don’t let yourself become a victim of computer hacking! Get a WordPress hacker alert plugin and be prepared for hack attempts. Remember, it’s MUCH easier to prevent a hacker from accessing WordPress than it is to clean up after them. Which would you rather do: close a few security loopholes, or do, say, a fresh install after hackers trash your WordPress install and delete your content? For optimal WordPress security, download and install one or more of these anti-hacker plugins today.