Free Rootkit Remover or Online Rootkit Scan: Rootkit Revealer Downloads Explained

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What are Rootkits?

The computer user in search of an online rootkit scan (or free rootkit remover) most likely has the suspicion that a computer’s security is compromised. A slowing of operations, frequent system crashes or an unexplained drain on the Windows resources are all signs that there are potential problems with a computer’s operating system.

If virus and adware scans fail to yield results, rootkits are the next likely culprits. Rootkits are programs that work in tandem to conceal data corruption, key-logging, and other security breaches of the computer’s operating system.

As outlined by Bright Hub’s Patrick Dickey, “Rootkits can be on Windows, Linux, Unix, or even Mac Operating Systems.” Not surprisingly, rootkit revealer downloads are a popular search and many a shareware site features a free rootkit remover among its available downloads. Learning how to remove rootkit programs does not have to difficult, but it should be undertaken with great care.

Download and Install Rootkit Detection and Removal Tools

When infected with a rootkit, Windows and other operating system users most likely do not have the option of detecting it with regular antivirus software. Detect rootkit programs with free online rootkit scans that are very easy to download, install and then use.

The Avira AntiRootkit Tool(1) is free to download and offers detection of malware as well as permitted rootkits. Remove rootkit programs carefully; in some cases the programs are actually part and parcel of the system’s anti-virus software that requires them to fight malware on the operating system level!

Another piece of free software that makes it possible to remove rootkit programs is Panda Anti-Rootkit Version 1.07(2). Even as free anti-rootkit applications for Windows abound, there are some users who prefer not to install the utility.

Online Rootkit Scan (Download Option)

While the best rootkit scans for the average users rely on a download and installation of a simple to use interface, RootRepeal(3), a free rootkit remover, works from the Internet via download. It is very fast and– even in beta– detects even the more intricate rootkit/Trojan software combinations.

On the downside, it is geared toward the techie who knows how to interpret the scan results and can take action accordingly. Since there is only an executable file to click and nothing to be installed on the computer, there is no need to uninstall the application later on.

Potential Problems Associated with Rootkit Revealer Downloads

Ready availability of anti-rootkit software puts this technology within easy reach of the computer newbie. Altering a computer’s operating system is a tricky undertaking and may actually do more harm than good if done incorrectly. The problem associated with removing a rootkit is the false-positive reporting of desirable programs.

Consider that rootkit removers report rootkit-like programs; they do not necessarily scan for a particular known configuration, such as virus scanners attempt to do. Operating on a much more heuristic level, it is possible to remove vital program files that render desired programs useless. A good example is nProtect GameGuard, which has all the characteristics of a rootkit; once uninstalled, it makes the game to which it was attached unplayable.


  1. Avira AntiRootkit Tool (free download/install)
  2. Panda anti-Rootkit Version 1.07 (free download/install)
  3. RootRepeal (free download of exe file)