Free Anonymous and Transparent Proxy Servers List: Top New Proxies

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Depending on your reason for using a proxy, it might continually be necessary to find brand new proxy servers. This is especially important if the proxy server is used to surf anonymously. It is necessary to try and use new proxies as they are less likely to be detected and banned. A search engine can provide free software that will search the Internet for brand new proxy servers. After the software is installed, it can be repeatedly used to download new proxy lists as they are updated. This is one of the quickest ways for beginners to find new proxies. Examples of top proxy search software include ProxyFire and Wingate. Sites such as ProxyFire will update their proxy list on a daily basis, and it is just as simple as signing up for a free account.

Searching Message Boards and Forums

Another way of finding new proxy servers would be to search message boards and forums for top lists being circulated. Many of the messages boards and forums are free but a few of them do require a small payment to access the proxy lists. The paid forums will usually have a more accurate list than some free proxy lists. A simple search on the Internet can uncover hundreds of these message boards and forums dedicated to proxies. However, a few of them are listed as “by invitation only” and would need to know a current member to gain access.

Searching Websites and Using Mailing Lists

A third way of searching for brand new proxy servers is to use a variety of proxy Web sites. These are Web sites that can be used to type in web addresses you would like to visit. These types of proxy websites will use the latest proxy IP addresses to surf the Internet. Therefore instead of searching the Internet forums for lists, the proxy Web sites are already designed with the ability to access various proxies and hide the user’s location. Therefore when searching for brand new proxy servers, the proxy Web sites should not be overlooked.

Another way of finding new proxy servers would be to join a proxy mailing list. Web sites such as and provide users the opportunity to receive the current list of proxies directly into their email Inbox. This is effortless as the information is directly sent to the user everyday without them having to search for it. Thus by signing up to a mailing list, the work is done for you.

Finally the more expensive way of finding brand new proxy servers would be to pay for a list from a proxy list broker. Depending on the broker, these proxies tend to be of a higher quality than what’s available on forums and message boards. They are also less likely to be detected as only a small amount of people would have access to that information.

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