Top 10 Free Online Proxy Servers: Free Anonymous and Transparent Proxy Servers List

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An Introduction

When using proxy servers, it is recommended to use one of these top ten free proxy servers to filter information or prevent illegal access to your network. There are various Web sites that will publish a list of these top servers and it is just a matter of visiting their Web site and using them either as a transparent or anonymous server. Currently, the top 10 free proxy servers are generated onto a list based on the quality of the anonymous surfing they produce and the amount of visitors to their site. This measures how many visitors or page views are generated on a daily basis.

Proxies Ranking From 1-5


The top proxy server is currently is quite a fast proxy that has monthly pageview averages of over 5,000 views.


The second free proxy server is, and it is able to generate at least 2000 page impressions on a monthly basis. It is a CGI proxy.


Next on the list is It is a free proxy, but also provides full security features to protect users as they travel the Internet. It does average 5000 pageviews a month also.

  1. is one way to surf the Internet especially when using it to view Web sites such as MySpace that blocks anonymous browser surfing. It is found at and has approximately 4000 page views this month.

5. TopFreeProxy

The fifth site in the rankings is and it is home to various proxy servers. They deliver some of the best free proxy websites, and have over a thousand listed. It also provides statistics on how the other proxy sites perform.

Proxies Ranking From 6-10


At number six on the top 10 free proxy server list is It provides all of the security a user will need to surf the World Wide Web. However, it also allows anonymous browsing so your tracks are covered while visiting different Web sites. It is a CGI proxy server with a modest amount of 680 monthly views.


At number 7 on the list is Lately more and more people have been using proxies to hide their presence on social media sites, to get around the controls these sites have in place. There is a good list of proxy servers on this Web site if the main goal is to anonymously surf social media pages.


This proxy server is free and secure with all of the characteristics of the other top proxy servers. It has a total amount of page views of at least 500 views per month.

9. HTTP Tunnel Genius

This is the next proxy on the list of top 10 free proxy servers. It is quite useful as it has a list of other popular proxies that are being used. Anyone interested in using HTTP Tunnel Genius can visit:

10. XroxyProxies is the last proxy on the top 10 free lists. It is quite a detailed site because it is not only a proxy, but also has a list of some popular proxy servers and Web sites. It even contains a message board that proxy members can post to share ideas.

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