7 Best Security Freeware for Windows 7

7 Best Security Freeware for Windows 7
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Microsoft Security Essentials

What better software to use with Windows 7 than Microsoft Security Essentials? Security essentials is a security freeware for Windows 7, as well as XP and Vista. Although it’s mainly an antivirus scanner, it also offers live protection, and malware/spyware scanning as well. Security Essentials runs unobtrusively in the background, and won’t slow down your computer at all. You can download the Security Essentials freeware directly from Microsoft.

Zone Alarm Firewall


Zone Alarm has been around for a while now. However, the latest release brings some up-to-date security freeware protection for the Windows 7 operating system. Although the default Windows 7 firewall is good, Zone Alarm offers better monitoring and more options. This allows you to control access to your computer in more detail and set up advanced blocking features. Zone Alarm is distributed as freeware and can be downloaded at Cnet.

Online Armor

online armor

Online Armor is another advanced firewall, similar to Zone Alarm. It features a simple user interface that may be preferred by some people. Aside from being a firewall, Online Armor has a built-in malicious threat utility and keylogger protection. Online Armor is designed to be setup once and provide stealth protection while it runs in the background. Online Armour is available for download as a top security freeware for Windows 7.

Spybot Search and Destroy


The best freeware spyware remover is very much an opinion. However, no one can argue about Spybot Search and Destroy being one of the top contenders. Users have consistently rated SSD as one of the best freeware spyware and malware removers. However, some experts fail to agree. Either way, it’s a must have. In the past, Spybot Search and Destroy has defended computers that other applications, such as Adaware, were not effective against.


RoboForm is claimed to be the best freeware password utility. Not only does it secure your passwords, but also has a password generator and built-in encryption. RoboForm can also save plenty of time when filling out online info, as it stores and encrypts all of your information, then pulls it and autofills online forms. RoboForm has received consistent outstanding reviews from both experts and users. RoboForm is a top security freeware for Windows 7, available directly from Cnet.

Trend Micro Hijack This

Trend Micro Hijack This is one of the best registry cleaners/spyware removers. Some spyware directly infects your computer’s registry, which is one of the hardest areas to make modifications to. Hijack This scans registry keys for any traces of malicious code. It will also remove them and quarantine. Trend Micro Hijack This is available for download as full freeware.

Folder Lock

Looking for an easy way to lock and encrypt certain folders on yor computer? Folder Lock can do all that and more. Folder Lock uses an separate engine for locking and encrypting. Thus, you can choose to only lock some folders, and completely encrypt others. Folder Lock is distributed as free to use security software.

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