Which is Better? Ad-Aware vs Spyware Doctor

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Lavasoft and PC Tools are known to provide anti-spyware protection and scanner for years and both have added anti-malware and anti-virus protection when the threat operation by the bad guys changed: From distributing spyware to spreading malware and scareware.

In this article, we’ll compare the scanner, performance and features in Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security by Lavasoft and Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus by PC Tools.

Installation and System Requirements – Winner: Spyware Doctor with AV

Both products’ installer came bundled with unnecessary and third-party add-on. Spyware Doctor with AntiVirus (SDAV) is bundled with Google Toolbar while Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security (AAWPIS) came bundled with Google Chrome. The good thing only with Ad-Aware’s installer is that the option for the unnecessary add-on is not opt-in and opt-out but it’s presented with button to allow end-users to read, choose or decide.

AAWPI is compatible or designed for Windows 2000 Pro, XP, Vista and Windows 7 while SDAV will only run in XP, Vista and Windows 7. The old version of SDAV is still being offered so users of earlier operating system can enjoy their product. Installing SDAV is a quick process and there’s no need to reboot to start using its protection and scanner. AAWPIS requires a reboot and I often found issues whenever I try installing the program. It took me three times to be able to install AAWPIS properly. The issues are: Ad-Aware Service will not run or load. I have to manually change the startup process of this service or changing its startup type. Ad-Watch Live does not install properly (prompted me to restart the system few time). I followed the suggestion in their free forum to install Ad-Watch Live but no luck to see Ad-watch to load or install. The only luck to install is to disable the built-in anti-spyware in Vista – Windows Defender and to not to abide to the installer’s prompt to restart the system but allow the program to update its component and let AAWPIS to re-initialize itself.

AAWPIS will use a total of 111MB of hard-disk space while SDAV will 165MB.

Note: Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware Pro Internet Security is using AVIRA AntiVir’s anti-virus detection.

Features and Options – Winner: Spyware Doctor with AV

Both programs are offering anti-malware, anti-spyware and anti-virus detection, heuristic detection, rootkit scanner and real-time protection against malicious software. You can enjoy some tools in using AAWPIS: TrackSweep, and the neat Toolbox (Hosts File Editor, Process Watch, AutoStart Manager and ThreatWork Alliance) while SDAV is offering no extra tools but PC Tools Security Community only.

Update and Scan scheduler is easy to do in SDAV while AAWPIS’s scheduler is limited to use for scanning tasks. A neat option in using AAWPIS is to create profile scan, allowing their customers to customize the scanning. The customized scanning is also offered by SDAV.

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