Which is the Best? SUPERAntiSpyware vs. Lavasoft Ad-Aware

Which is the Best? SUPERAntiSpyware vs. Lavasoft Ad-Aware
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The free edition of SUPERAntiSpyware and Ad-Aware complements our antivirus program because there is no single scanner that can detect all type threats. Ad-Aware includes real-time protection when downloading using Internet Explorer and also offers real-time monitor for malicious process. SUPERAntiSpyware will monitor any homepage hijacks and block any attempt. Find out below in which installer, scanner and features is better: Ad-Aware vs. SUPERAntiSpyware

Installation: Winner – SUPERAntiSpyware

Ad-Aware and SUPERAntiSpyware will run in Windows 7 and earlier edition of Windows. The file size of SUPERAntiSpyware’s installer is very much smaller than Ad-Aware Anti-Malware: 7.03MB vs. 73.5MB. There is no third-party add-on in the installer of SAS while Ad-Aware have bundled their anti-malware with Google Chrome which is optional during installation.

A reboot is required when installing Ad-Aware while SUPERAntiSpyware do not require such. It’s quite impressive to see anti-malware vendors to improve their program’s installer because I’m finding many of them requires no reboot to start protecting or scanning a computer (e.g. AntiVir, Avast!, A-squared, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Microsoft Security Essentials and NOD32 to name a few).

Ad-Aware will use a lot of hard-disk space than SUPERAntiSpyware: SUPERAntiSpyware will only use 27.9MB of space while Ad-Aware application will take 107MB and 568KB for its Download Guard for IE browser.

There is existing issue with Ad-Aware’s installation of its Ad-Watch Live: The notification balloon keep prompting to restart the PC. The possible fix is to follow the advice in their forum but after doing all the suggestion, Ad-Watch Live will continue to not install turn on. The only work-around I have found is to uninstall existing anti-virus and firewall before re-installing Ad-Aware.

Features and Memory Usage: Winner – Both but with limitations

Both programs will install a tray icon for extra protection (Homepage protection and updating for SAS while updating and real-time protection for malicious process is offered by Ad-Aware). SUPERAntiSpyware only use 620KB of memory while Ad-Aware will use 1.9MB. Ad-Aware is also offering Download Guard for Internet Explorer (it works like SmartScreen Filter in IE8) that will scan in real-time if the file you are downloading contains is a threat or safe.

SUPERAntiSpyware include repair utilities, SafeBoot, repair SUPERAntiSpyware, Alternate Start (in case a malware is preventing SAS to load), and exclusion manager. Ad-Aware features its Ad-Watch Live and Download Guard as free real-time protection.

None of these programs is causing the system to use too much memory while you are busy with the computer. Both programs are offering a quick, custom, context menu and full system scan. Scheduler and command line scanning is not available in free edition of Ad-Aware and SUPERAntiSpyware. The toolbox in Ad-Aware is for paid editions only except the ThreatNetwork (to submit files to Lavasoft for analysis).


Ad-Aware’s Memory Usage

Issue with Ad-Watch Live!

SUPERAntiSpyware Utilities

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