Comodo Online Backup vs Mozy: Which is Best

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An online backup, also known as remote backup, is backup written to and restored from a third-party datacenter over a the Internet. As the storage capacity is bundled with the backup software an online backup is a backup solution.

Comodo Online Backup as well as MozyHome Online Backup allow for easy backup to modern data centers. The time your data leaves your computer it is already encrypted and safe from prying eyes. Both pieces of software throttle their bandwidth use in order that backing up can take in the background so that you can make use of the Internet at the same time without noticing much, if any, service degradation. Moreover, both applications only transmit blocks of changed data (incremental backup) to minimize bandwidth use. Nonetheless, a high-speed Internet connection is an asset if not even a must for the online backup process, and, as important, a restore operation, can end in finite time depending on the data volume.

Comodo Online Backup and MozyHome discussed in Bright Hub’s full-depth reviews are both two backup solutions from top vendors. Comodo Online Backup essentially is the free top Windows 7 compatible backup software called Comodo Backup 2.0 enhanced with remote storage from the vendor. Therefore, opting for Comodo offers both offline as well as online backups which can be managed using the same interface. The good thing is that Comodo backup can even be configured for remote or network backup without purchasing the online backup add-on. For more information please check out Bright Hub’s detailed reviews of Comodo Backup 2.0 and Comodo Online Backup.

Both Mozy as well as Comodo charge 4.95 $ a month, yet using the former includes unlimited storage, whereas the Comodo deal only includes 10 GB of remote online storage. Therefore, if you need to backup more than 10 GB, and if you want to have a remote online backup you are a fare better off with Mozy as Comodo would charge an additional fee of one dollar for every two GB exceeding the standard plan of 10 Gigabyte which is very little data these days. Therefore, filtering what you not want to online backup is crucial as, for example, 10 GB is not much for video data nowadays commonly used in tutorials.

So, which is best, Comodo Online Backup or Mozy? Numbers speak for Mozy, but you may want to read Bright Hub’s article Is my Online Backup safe? before rushing to buy. BTW: Apart from the inherit risks of online backup safety and security does online backup contributes to network (Internet) saturation and lag!


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