About Blank Spyware: What is it?

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Blank Spyware

No one wants to pay for a computer and computer service and then not get to choose what their home page will be–or worse, always be greeted by a site you don’t want to see. But that is what happens when your computer encounters Blank spyware; it gets hijacked. Your home page gets set to “about: blank” (or some other specified site) by the Blank Spyware user who has targeted you. And, it happens every time you boot up your computer if you use the web browser Internet Explorer. And if you attempt to change your home page you will soon find out that the Blank Spyware just reverts the home page back again to “about: Blank” or another site, refusing you control of your own computer.

How Does it Work?

Using a hidden file (.dll) in your “C” drive in the Windows systems directory on your computer, Blank spyware manages to hide out on your computer, making it difficult to remove unless you use some type of spyware removal program like HijackThis or Spybot and go through a lengthy search and delete process. Trying to locate the file on your own isn’t advised, since even using the aforementioned programs isn’t a guarantee that they will fix your particular version of Blank spyware.

Spyware Removal Programs

In addition to HijackThis, Spybot, and Ad-Aware as tools to use in your effort to remove Blank Spyware, another spyware removal program that can help–and is touted as the best option–is CWShredder. This last program is especially helpful in removing Cool Web Search variants, and since Blank Spyware is just one of the variants of Cool Web Search Spyware, it makes sense to consider choosing this program option first in your effort to fight this nasty computer infiltration.

Manual Removal Process

There are actually three different methods that can be employed to attempt to remove this particular type of spyware from your computer. First, you can do it manually, accessing your hard drive, scanning visually for the potential file, and going into DOS to issue commands; but manual removal of this type of computer infection isn’t for the novice, for sure. In fact, removing spyware of this level, manually, really calls for sophisticated computer users that are familiar with computer jargon and this kind of threat–and even then spyware removal programs are still utilized in the process (HijackThis, Reglit.exe).

Other Removal Processes

The second method removal process is the utilization of spyware removal programs, as mentioned earlier (like HijackThis, Spybot, Ad-Aware and CWShredder). But just know that Blank spyware had about five different variations at the time of this writing and the possibility exists that the spyware removal process you choose may not work for the particular variation you have. That is why it is important to learn which type you have before attempting removal.

However, a more recent spyware removal program (AdAware Away) is being recommended for all of the five variations, due to its success addressing each one, so that is another option that can be exercised. The third removal process option–VBScripts removal method–was developed by a company called Silent Runners. This option, using visual basic scripts, partners with Register Lite 2.0 to accomplish removal.