Changing the WEP Password on Router: A 101

Changing the WEP Password on Router: A 101
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If you look at the settings of your router, you will notice this WEP thing. WEP is actually a password that protects your wireless network from outside access. Let us see how to change a WEP password on a router.

Step 1: Open your internet browser, type the following address on the address bar and press the Enter key when ready.

Step 2: A dialog window will appear asking you to enter username and password. If you are aware of the password, then enter the credentials. If not, then look in the manual of your router and you find the password. You can also try entering ‘admin’ as username, and ‘password’ as password.

Step 3: After you have gained access to the router settings, you will see the welcome screen of your router.

Note: This tutorial is not specific to any router, and since, all the routers have similar options and you will have no problem understanding the steps.

Now, find and click the Wireless tab.

Step 4: Now, click on the Security sub tab under Wireless tab. Find a field named Security Mode. In security mode, select ‘WEP’. If you are unable to find the Security Mode field, then find the WEP Encryption field, and select ‘Enable’ to enable WEP on your router

Step 5: Now, you need to select the Strength of WEP. There are 2 options: 64-bit and 128-bit. 64-bit uses 10 hexadecimal digits or 5 ASCII characters for WEP encryption, whereas, 128-bit uses 26 hexadecimal digits or 13 ASCII characters for WEP encryption. You can select either of them depending on the strength of security you want.

Step 6: Enter a passphrase of your own choice with appropriate length. You can also press the Generate option to generate a random password with maximum key strength. As you click the Generate option, all the 4 network keys will be automatically filled.

Step 7: Click the Save/Apply button to save all the changes you have done. Reboot your router by turning Off the router for 10 seconds and then turning it On. After you reboot the router, you will notice a secure sign against the network name. When you or someone else connects to the wireless network, they will be asked to enter the passphrase without which access will not be granted.

See. How easy it was to change a WEP password on a router.


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