A Speedy Way to Waste Your Money! A Speedy Way to Waste Your Money!
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FinallyFast Commercial

Have you seen the television commercials advertising It’s for some software you can install on your Windows-based PC that will supposedly work wonders when it comes to speeding up your computer. Unfortunately, most of what it promises is severely limited and you can accomplish many of the same tasks it performs using free software or even the tools already built into Windows. Don’t waste your money on this overhyped garbage, but do at least have a good laugh at the misleading commercial.

iMac G5

This software is for Windows only, yet the commercial clearly shows two different people using Apple computers. In the photo to the right, you’ll see the guy who bookends the commercial, and you can see he is using an iMac G5 computer with the hole in the stand and the connectors running up the rear left side of the machine. I’ve also attached a photo of the iMac G5 for reference. You can clearly see that the marketing wizards behind this commercial have removed any indentifying labels from the computers.

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Blue Screens on a Mac?

Finally Fast

In this photo, which is perhaps my favorite portion of the commercial, it shows a woman clearly using an Apple iBook G4 PC. You can tell from the look of the computer just who made it because Apple’s are so distinctive. However, if you look at her screen it is clearly a Windows XP screen with a green Start button. This lady even gets the dreaded Windows BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) on her PC, which is not something that happens on an Apple.

IBook G4

In all fairness, I must say that it is possible to run Windows on a Mac, but it takes a little bit of technical know-how to make it work. Somebody capable of doing so would sure as heck not need a utility like FinallyFast. Instead, this commercial obviously demonstrates the true nature of this software by running a completely misleading advertisement. In tech circles, people forward each other the YouTube video of this commercial as a joke.

The FinallyFast Truth

I would not go so far as to call this software a scam, because it does actually do something, but what it does versus what it costs makes it a complete rip-off. When you go to the website, it will let you download a program that scans your system for free, but it won’t fix anything. To do that, you’ll need to pay 60 bucks to get the whole package, plus there is a monthly subscription fee on top of that. Go look on the website and see if there is a single word about a subscription service. There is not. I also found several horror stories online from customers who had multiple unauthorized credit card charges and had a lot of problems cancelling the service.

The bottom line here is that if you want to speed up your computer in ways depicted in this commercial, it’ll take more than some dinky software to make that happen. If your computer is having issues, you’ll get better results from free programs such as SpyBot and CCleaner than you will from FinallyFast.

No-cost Alternatives to FinallyFast

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