How Secure Is Your Computer System? Utilizing Defensive Measures

How Secure Is Your Computer System? Utilizing Defensive Measures
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The Importance of Computer Security Systems

It is a fact that today many people are completely dependent on computers to communicate, store information and do most of their work.

As such Computer security assumes a lot of importance although sadly, many computer users are still unaware of the risks and fail to secure the computers from possible threats like viruses, trojans, adware, malware and hackers. The unfortunate aspect is users spend tons of money on computer software but pay scant attention to computer and Internet security.

Why the Need for Computer Security?

Computer Security is a basic necessity to protect businesses and home computer users from loss of data, misuse and abuse of personal information when stollen. It is important for businesses to take security measures to keep computers secure so that hackers do not access any sensitive or confidential information related to their business. Individual users should also make sure that the credit card numbers and personal financial information are secure when getting transactions done online.

Note: Both businesses and home computer users rely on computer security to help protect their data, computers, and networks from internal and external threats.

During earlier times, hackers tried to breach computer security more for playing pranks or for the sheer thrill of it. But today hacking systems is done for nefarious purposes and hackers are paid big money. These hackers are all the time trying to steal user passwords, credit card details, and personal financial information. Businesses hire hackers to destroy, delete or steal competitor information.The hackers are extraordinarily proficient with network skills and make a living by committing cyber crimes.

As discussed thus far, the Pros of Computer Security Systems have been to deter cyber crimes, protect business and individual data, and to prevent internal and external threats. Coming up next is, how computer security systems are needed as preventive measures to protect suspicious data from entering business networks and individual computer users’ PCs.

As with any system in place, there are Cons as well… For instance, businesses and individuals must be trained to fully understand a computer security system, they must learn and apply techniques and use tools to avoid security incidents, threats, or attacks.

As you may know, all this defense mechanisms take time and money to implement–put into practice a good and effective computer security system. But, you will not regret it in the long term!

In summary: The Pros outweigh the Cons of Computer Security Systems; therefore, it is of utmost importance to use such sytems at the office (on networks) as well as at home.

Nature of Security Threats

A deliberate breach of computer security is known as computer crime whereas a cyber crime is an illegal act committed in the world of connectivity through internet. Since most of the security threats come via internet, the word Cyber-crime becomes dominantly important in computer security.There are several distinct or well defined categories for cyber-criminals, but mostly they are known as hackers or cyber terrorist. A hacker, simply stated, is a person who tries to access any network system illegally with an intention of unlawful acts.

A corporate hacker, who is also known as corporate spy, is hired to break into a computer network or hack the network configuration of any computer system to gain some highly sensitive information and abuse data incorporation. A cyber terrorist, on the other hand, is a person with political intents and accesses a computer network to destroy the system to conduct evil political offences. The cyber terrorist may also misuse email facility to send email messages conveying death threats, or to blackmail users they will release some confidential information.

Preventive Measures

To ascertain if the computer is vulnerable to a computer risk the user can always avail any online security service which is a website that checks the computer for possible email and Internet threats. The company will then give some pointers on how to correct these susceptibilities**.**

There are several options available to protect the system with tools that are easy to operate. A bulk of the effective computer security software could be freeware security programs if only the user invests time online searching for these programs. One of the assured ways to protect the computer from outside intrusions is by the use of a firewall. A firewall, to those who are less familiar, is a piece of software-with-isolation tool that shields unwanted data entering your computer through internet. It scans all data that enters or leaves a computer and lets through harmless data and blocks all suspicious data. Installation of firewall almost de-links the computer from the outside world, thereby preventing hackers from gaining entry.