The Best FireFox Addons for Security: 5 Extensions for JavaScript, Cookies, and Ads

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There are quite a number of Firefox addons, especially those geared towards making the browser more secure. The top five extensions that are highly recommended are listed below, and they include: NoScript, QuickJava, Permit Cookies, AdBlock Plus and BlockSite. These add-ons are all free and can be downloaded from the Firefox website.


One of the best Firefox security extensions to install is NoScript. This is an extension that is highly recommended and will give protection from any intruders using JavaScript. The NoScript extension does need to be “tweaked” after installation, which involves adding each Web site that is browsed. NoScript is an excellent security extension because it will automatically prevent JavaScript from running without your approval. However, the only problem with using the NoScript FireFox extension is some Web sites will not load properly if they require JavaScript.


The solution to this problem might be another FireFox extension called QuickJava. This is also recommended for any user who needs to turn Java and JavaScript on and off with a single touch of a button. QuickJava should not be viewed as a competitor to NoScript as this extension is more basic. However, QuickJava functions quite well. It can mainly be used when surfing new Web sites, and a single click of a button beforehand can prevent any browser security problems.

Permit Cookies

The Permit Cookies FireFox extension is also another great security tool to install. It is not difficult as some of the other software designed to manage cookies, and it is an effective way choose which Web sites are allowed to place cookies on your system. The best reason to recommend Permit Cookies is the ability it gives the user to quickly choose which cookies to accept or deny. This can be done by a simple click of the “Toggle Cookies” tab. This is a simple extension to deal with a straightforward process.

Adblock Plus

As marketing on the Internet has increased, so has the amount of ads appearing on Web sites. The Adblock Plus addon is a great way to block ads from appearing on Web sites. This can be done on a particular site so that none of the ads and banners is viewed. Even if the ads are not annoying, it is also a great way to help “bulky” pages load faster. This will automatically increase your level of security as many of that ads appearing on Web sites can spread malicious content.


The final FireFox extension that is recommended is BlockSite. It is a great FireFox extension that allows the user to select which Web sites they would like to view. This extension also gives the user the ability to choose which sites they would like to prevent access to. Links on Web pages can also be disabled without being able to click to a new page. The global function of this FireFox extension operates to block a particular group of Web sites by using the wildcard command “*”. Therefore, this is an ideal extension for anyone worried about the safety of the Web sites they visit.