Secure CD/DVD Data - Copytrax Compact Disc system

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For people who may not be aware Copytrax is a well-known manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of automated equipments used for designing and accessorizing CDS, DVDs and flash drives. Copytrax has launched into the market a new security device in Compact Disc format which requires utilizing a password of 255 characters in length. This is a new encryption technology in CD format which is really powerful in its application.

About Copytrax Security Device

In a user driven interface system where data security is a major concern, this foolproof compact security device stores and saves confidential files and data. Steve Woods, Managing Director of Copytrax, has claimed “This is a very well thought out and sophisticated technology” It is expected this product will be well-received by IT managers who are particularly concerned about protecting data.

The functionality of this highly encrypted system is theoretically based on statistical application of data dispersion and randomization. Based on random data dispersion function, it follows Cypher-Block Chaning Mode encryption algorithm and uses AES-256 bit in the given keys of encryption which makes password as long as 255 characters. Each disc contains separate encryption engine, no separate software package is utilized or recommended on the computer system. Another added feature is the system provides a virtual keyboard which allows room for creation of powerful password which reduces the risk of key stroke theft.

Built-in encryption engine in different layers have imaginatively been formatted in such a way that there is no clue left on the computer in the form of any residual information. The new CD format is christened “CDSoft-R Crytpex” which is compatible with any machine and can be applied for security necessities. To further fortify data security,the CDs have been sturdily built with extra protection against scratches, unwanted exposures and ultra violet rays.

Product promotion

There is no denying that the product is innovative and well designed and has immense market potential. The company’s marketing department is initially targeting independent expert IT practitioners, government associations, public sector technological establishments, police departments and all other organizations that deal with sensitive information. The company is also planning to supply the CDs- which are encrypted with sophisticated and innovative technologies- with the client’s own branding to avoid disputes about the data ownership and data management.

From all accounts, it appears certain that Copytrax Security Device will fulfill a long felt need for a perfect data security device. Instead of using blank CDs for security concerns with no markings available in the market, users keen on data security may opt for encryptable CDs. The company’s claim that **“**the new CD format will change the way organisations handle data” may as well prove true.


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