Small Business Yahoo Security Key and E-commerce

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To safeguard private and highly sensitive information, Yahoo has come up with a highly productive feature known as Yahoo Security Key. Yahoo security key is an impregnable security code that stops data being transmitted from one source to the other over the internet and helps reducing any security risk associated with one’s private information. In the collaborative environment of software testing and web development measures where privacy is a major concern, Yahoo security key is an exclusive password-coding system that uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. But this must not be confused with the passwords that you use for your yahoo mail or yahoo blogs.

Using passwords to use Yahoo features like Yahoo Mail, Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Clubs, Yahoo Groups and Yahoo Calendar is completely different from accessing Yahoo security key for features like Yahoo Store. Yahoo security key is specifically related to protection of money related information whereas Yahoo password for general Yahoo features is meant for the protection of users’ privacy. So users can avail Yahoo store facility without any security risk, especially small business owners who intend to make their businesses hassle free and avoid any malicious security threat.

One can avail more information on Yahoo Security key in the Yahoo’s Privacy Policy or Yahoo’s Guide to Online Security. Yahoo definitely takes proper care in protecting all the sensitive information a user imparts for using Yahoo features but it also becomes responsibility of users to be pragmatic in their own approach while choosing Yahoo Security Key and using it.

Choosing Yahoo Security Key is just like creating a password which must be of minimum 7 characters (But the stronger security key is one which has numbers, symbols and letters). This password must not be transferred at any cost and users must ensure they do choose a unique password for Yahoo security key and never use this password with any other user interface system, not even with accessing emails.

The SSL encryption technology used in Yahoo store feature has special security provisions. Of course, no security tool can be cent percent foolproof but, Yahoo security key, on its own, takes great care in protecting sensitive financial information which a user imparts while purchasing or selling a product. And if the talk is about using credit cards, then there is no better option than using Yahoo security key.

The entropy associated with E-commerce has always been increasing and to match the redundant needs of e-commerce, Yahoo Security key is an attempt by Yahoo to make this whole arena of E-commerce and Small Business a reliable business niche.

For more information on Yahoo’s Security Key features, Yahoo’s privacy policies and other technical information, readers can log on to Yahoo Store Small Business Website