Gbridge - An Alternate to your VPN

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Gbridge is a free software that uses Google’s gtalk service to complete collaboration securely along with a flavor of UltraVNC. This software is not affiliated with Google, yet is uses your google account to chat and log in to. Gbridge installs VPN (Virtual Private Network) drivers to ensure encryption takes place allowing you to sync folders, chat, share secure files and VNC securely and from anywhere in the world.

With DesktopShare (VNC), you can access your computer remotely or share your computer with anyone in the world. This sharing ensures security even behind firewalls and to private IP addresses (NAT- Network Address Translation)

SecureShare allows you to remotely access your files or to share your files with members of your business or with friends and family. You can be assured of the security of your files.

Gbridge also offers AutoSync to transfer files and synchronize folders anywhere in the world. This form of synchronization allows you to schedule tasks, to resume or to synchronize incrementally and file size is only limited by bandwidth.

With Gbridge, you can backup important files and assets securely. This backup is part of the software and as easy to configure and use.

Connection and Security

Because security is the biggest concern with any software, Gbridge automatically forms a VPN to the computers that are shown in your (computers) software. This software uses IPv4 ensuring complete encryption, mobility and provides authentication. This connection is P2P (Peer to Peer) and has great performance while extending excellent privacy. With Dynamic DNS and private IP addressing, this solves many connectivity issues and works with a majority of networks.

Gbridge is an extension of Google Talk (although privately held and not affiliated with Google) and is easy to use with an excellent interface that is easy to navigate and control. The interface is made for users of all types and is completely loaded with features and components that can be a great asset to businesses and home users.

With Virtual Private Networks and the security they provide, administrators can be assured their data is encrypted and kept private. Because the internet is loaded with malicious users sniffing and listening to data, this software offers the privacy needed to complete tasks from afar.

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