Quiz: Social Networking Security Risks - Phishing, Malware, Spam, and More

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Do you know how to play it safe on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or even YouTube? With so many people all over the world using these sites to share information, there is an unfortunate criminal underside to the gathering. These online crooks try a variety of methods to steal your passwords, make you install malware, spread viruses, and more. The sites themselves don’t do a lot to protect their users, so you need to know how to recognize a scam before you become a victim, and you may also need to warn a friend or two in the process.

The questions below cover the three main social networking sites and some of the more common things you might encounter as a member of them. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of online security and see if you know good from bad, and how to tell the difference.

Social Network Security Quiz

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