Is Digital Defender Software Any Good

Is Digital Defender Software Any Good
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What It Is

Digital Defender is a PC Optimization tool that is used to enhance the ability of your computer. It also promises malware detection and spyware elimination granting it the name “Defender.” However, before you spend the money to purchase the Digital Defender software, it is always wise to know if Digital Defender anti virus software is any good. In order for you to best determine if Digital Defender is fit for your computer’s particular situation, you will need to read reviews of free digital defender antivirus software to determine what the software does, what is good about it and what about it is left wanting. Understanding all of these factors will help you determine whether or not digital defender anti virus is any good.

What it Does

Digital Defender promises, not only to boost the average performance level of your computer, but also to detect and eliminate any spyware that might slither its way onto your computer. Spyware is malevolent software that infects computers to gather information about you and your computer usage to exploit at the owner’s will.

Digital Defender is suppose to prevent spyware from reaching any vital areas of your computer and disallows infestation of viruses. However, this is only the promise of the company producing the product. That does not necessarily tell you exactly what the software is going to do, only what it is supposed to do.

Digital Defender is supposed to make your computer immune to crashing or freezing as well as clean up your registry, which is the heart of your computer’s data storage. This list of abilities is a tall order for any single software. In fact, most programs can only complete one of the many functions that Digital Defender promises. This begs the question; can you trust the software to deliver its promises? This is where we will get into the good and the bad; the actual functions and pitfalls of the program.

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The Good

First, let’s handle the pricing of the program. Though you can download a free edition of the digital defender, it is little more than substandard virus protection software. To be completely honest, there are not many anti-virus software that provide free protection without some catch or weakness. Some free software can perform basic anti-virus functions, but Digital Defender is not one of them. If you want to full package, Digital Defender free edition is not the path for you. To get the full protection, you will have to spend roughly $20.00 USD for the actual software. This is a very reasonable price for all of the functions that Digital Defender offers.

The PC optimization tool works relatively well also. This is because it simplifies your computer’s necessary functioning requirements, reducing the amount of energy your computer will need to run optimally. This is something that you will always want for your computer, no matter how much memory you have.

What is even more desirable about this software is the money back guarantee. This means, if you use digital defender and are not satisfied with it in the first 30 days of use, you will get all of your money back.

Digital Defender Goods

The Bad

Though it offers a lot, it does not necessarily deliver on all promises. In fact, Digital Defender actually proves to be relatively lax in the malware protection and detection fields. It is sluggish to detect threats or infections and even slower to remove them. By the time the software is able to detect a malware, it could already be affecting your computer and by the time it removes the malware, you might have already lost files. The software does not come anywhere close to keeping up to the standards of programs like AVG or Norton.

If the lax protection were not enough, you also have to deal with its limiting issues. When the Defender is scanning, you cannot run any other programs or the Defender will power down. This means your computer will be out of commission whenever you are using it.

The Bottom Line

Though it is relatively cheap and offers a good range of PC optimization, the program fails to meet the standards that other anti-virus software does. If you are in the market for a good anti-virus software only, Digital Defender might not be your first choice. It has redeeming qualities, but it does fail to meet the requirements of a truly useful and powerful anti-virus program. If your anti-virus software cannot keep your system clean, it is nothing more than a waste of precious memory.


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