How to Manage Your Motorola Wireless Modem Password

How to Manage Your Motorola Wireless Modem Password
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Wireless fidelity, other wise known as Wi-Fi, has become a great tool in helping people connect to the Internet without the use of wires. Not only that, but with Wi-Fi, people can connect to the Internet anywhere in the world, be it a coffee shop in France or a local library in South Dakota.

Wireless cable modems are a great way of combining the components of both a cable modem and that of a wireless router into a single unit, allowing for a reduction of clutter as you only have one box to worry about. But with all things Internet, there are also dangers in the use of Wi-Fi, namely with security.

In this article, we’ll look at a particular make of a wireless modem - that of Motorola - and go over how to manage your Motorola wireless modem password to help secure your home or office network.

Wireless Security

With a wireless cable modem, you essentially are working with both a router and a modem at the same, cutting out some of the set up in a home or business wireless network. Because of the growth in popularity, it is extremely important that you maintain a secure network for every computer that you plan to give access to.

The reason to protect your network is due to the increase of online or cyber crimes. Unsecured networks allow for anyone in range to use the connection, which means that they also have access to any files or documents that you may have shared on the network or your computer. This can result in someone obtaining personal information about you, especially if you keep financial documents on your hard drive.

Managing a Motorola Wireless Modem Password

The best way to secure your wireless cable modem is to put a password on it. As with wireless routers, wireless modems can be set up to make sure that they are protected from being used by anyone but the person who is using it. Placing a password on the modem - and thus the network - will prohibit those people, such as hackers, from gaining access to your files and documents by using your network and Internet connection.

  1. When you are able to connect to the network, bring up a browser window and type,, or (depending on the model) which is the IP address for your Motorola wireless modem. This address will also be included in the user manual for your device.
  2. The above address will take you to your wireless modem’s homepage, where a pop up box will appear, asking for the username and password. If this is the first time setting up your wireless modem - as mentioned above - the default answers are ‘admin’ or ‘motorola’. Again, this information is also in your user manual.
  3. Once you have gained access, you should first find the Admin tab or link on the page. This will allow you to set the username and password for your device.
  4. After you have changed the default password, find the Security tab or link to change the security access. There are two different types of security you can use - WEP or WPA. It is recommended that you use the WPA standard as it is more secure than that of WEP.
  5. Within the Network tab, you will be able to change the name of your network. You should change the name from whatever default may be listed in order to find your network and allow for those you allow to use the network.

Using the steps above, you will be able to not only set up your Motorola wireless modem, but manage it as well. Whenever you need to make changes - like the password - you can enter in the modem’s website for further configuration.

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